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Advanced Linear Devices Micropower
Step-Up Low Voltage Booster Modules

Advanced Linear Devices Micropower Step-Up Low Voltage Booster Modules are self-powered voltage-booster modules that convert a low DC voltage input to a higher AC or DC voltage output suitable for many low-power energy harvesting applications using photo-diodes, thermoelectric or electromagnetic generators as the input source. These Micropower Step-Up Low Voltage Booster Modules do not need a separate power supply to operate and derive power directly from the low input voltage source. The Advanced Linear Devices Micropower Step-Up Low Voltage Booster Modules draw input power levels starting as low as 2µW, which enables an on-board self-starting oscillator.

  • Nominal input impedance
  • Small footprint and volume less than 1 cu. in.
  • Simple and easy to use - just connect a 2-wire input source and 2-wire output load
  • Ready-to-Use out of the box, no circuit design required
  • Direct interface to ALD's EH300/EH301 series of Energy Harvesting Modules
  • A range of models suitable for a variety of energy generating sources
  • Self-starting at both very low operating voltage and low operating current levels
  • Self-contained booster with all components on-board
  • Built-in on-board miniature transformer for high-efficiency energy conversion
  • Unique custom on-board EPAD® MOSFET arrays
  • Optional user-installed full wave rectifier on board to produce DC voltages
  • Compatible with a wide range of voltage sources and a wide range of source impedances
  • Adaptable for use with a broad range of applications
  • No calibration or setup required
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Long operating life
  • Virtually unlimited operating cycles
  • Moisture and dust protection
  • Charge EH300/EH301/EH300A/EH301A series EH Modules from low voltage sources
  • Energy Harvesting from low-voltage micro-power energy-generating sources
  • Direct or Indirect remote-node power supplies for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Low duty-cycle metering, control and sensing networks
  • Energy capture from Intermittent energy sources
  • Trickle-charger for Standby backup power such as battery-packs or super-capacitor networks
  • Backup power for switching between different power sources
  • Industrial and Business systems with always-charged temporary backup power supplies
  • Micro-power Self-boosting oscillator
  • Low DC Voltage Booster to supply operating voltage for another Step-up DC-DC converter
  • Extreme life-span power sources
  • EH energy capture, storage, and power management from mechanical, thermal, chemical, solar, biological, and human body sources
  • EH based battery substitution and/or remote battery charging systems
  • Hybrid or alternative power source conditioning
  • Condition-based monitoring systems
  • Self-powered remote control switching systems
  • Hybrid power (dual power) systems with extended operating lives
  • System power reliability enhancement
  • Intermittent duty cycle remote site applications
Part Number Max
EH4205 5V 100mA 250mW +15V 50Ω@VIN=0.25V
EH4295 4V 50mA 250mW +12V 950Ω@VIN=0.25V

EHJ3C6 in. Input Cable for EH4200 Series Modules
EHJ4C6 in. Output Cable for EH4200 Series Modules with connector to the EH300/EH301
EHJ5C6 in. Output Cable for EH4200 Series Modules
EH4205/EH300KIT Evaluation Kit for EH4205 & EH300 Low Voltage Booster Modules
EH4205/EH4295KIT Evaluation Kit for EH4205 & EH4295 Low Voltage Booster Modules
EH4295/EH300KIT Evaluation Kit for EH4295 & EH300 Low Voltage Booster Modules
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