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Advanced Linear Devices Precision N-Channel EPAD MOSFET Arrays

Advanced Linear Devices Precision
N-Channel EPAD MOSFET Arrays

Advanced Linear Devices Precision N-Channel EPAD MOSFET Arrays are precision matched at the factory using ALD’s proven EPAD® CMOS technology. These dual monolithic devices are enhanced additions to the ALD110900A/ALD110900 EPAD® MOSFET Family, with increased forward transconductance and output conductance, particularly at very low supply voltages. Intended for low voltage, low power small signal applications, the ALD212900A/ALD212900 features Zero-Threshold™ voltage, which enables circuit designs with input/output signals referenced to GND at enhanced operating voltage ranges. With these devices, a circuit with multiple cascading stages can be built to operate at extremely low supply/bias voltage levels. These precision devices are versatile as design components for a broad range of analog small signal applications such as basic building blocks for current mirrors, matching circuits, current sources, differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, and multiplexers. They also excel in limited operating voltage applications, such as very low level voltage-clamps and nano-power normally-on circuits.

  • Zero Threshold™ VGS(th) = 0.00V +/-0.01V
  • VOS (VGS(th) match) to 2mV / 10mV max.
  • Sub-threshold voltage ( nano-power) operation
  • < 100mV Min. operating voltage
  • < 1nA Min. operating current
  • < 1nW Min. operating power
  • > 100,000,000:1 operating current ranges
  • High transconductance and output conductance
  • Low RDS(ON) of 14Ω
  • Output current > 50mA
  • Matched and tracked tempco
  • Tight lot-to-lot parametric control
  • Positive, zero, and negative VGS(th) tempco
  • Low input capacitance and leakage currents
  • Low overhead current mirrors and current sources
  • Zero Power Normally-On circuits
  • Energy harvesting circuits
  • Very low voltage analog and digital circuits
  • Zero power fail-safe circuits
  • Backup battery circuits & power failure detector
  • Extremely low level voltage-clamps
  • Extremely low level zero-crossing detector
  • Matched source followers and buffers
  • Precision current mirrors and current sources
  • Matched capacitive probes and sensor interfaces
  • Charge detectors and charge integrators
  • High gain differential amplifier input stage
  • Matched peak-detectors and level-shifters
  • Multiple Channel Sample-and-Hold switches
  • Precision Current multipliers
  • Discrete matched analog switches / multiplexers
  • Nanopower discrete voltage comparators
Pin Configuration
Pin Configuration
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