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ADLINK Technology

ADLINK Technology is enabling The Internet of Things (IoT) with innovative embedded computing solutions for edge devices, intelligent gateways and cloud services. ADLINK's products are application-ready for industrial automation, communications, medical, defense, transportation, and infotainment industries. Their product range includes motherboards, blades, chassis, modules, and systems based on industry standard form factors, as well as an extensive line of test & measurement products and smart touch computers, displays and handhelds that support the global transition to always connected systems. Many products are Extreme Rugged™, supporting extended temperature ranges, shock and vibration.Visit the ADLINK Technology page
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 COM Express Type 6 Starter Kit COM Express Type 6 Starter Kit
02/23/2015 -
Intended for testing and verification of COM Express systems based on Type 6 modules.
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 cExpress-BT COM Express Module cExpress-BT COM Express Module
01/27/2015 -
Designed for high-level processing and graphics performance with low power consumption.
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01/27/2015 -
An ideal building block for developing IoT devices with a secure interconnection to the cloud.
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01/26/2015 -
Features single, dual, or quad-core Intel Atom Processors with up to 4GB of RAM.
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 Q7-BT Computer on Module Q7-BT Computer on Module
11/04/2014 -
An off-the-shelf, multi-vendor, COM mounted onto an application specific carrier board
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 LEC-BASE SMARC Carrier Board LEC-BASE SMARC Carrier Board
10/17/2014 -
A reference design for the LEC product line, and for software development and hardware testing.
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 NEON-1020 & NEON-1040 Smart Camera NEON-1020 & NEON-1040 Smart Camera
10/01/2014 -
Smart camera vision system, based on the Intel Atom processor, and ideal for machine vision.
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 IMX-3000 Industrial Handheld Computer IMX-3000 Industrial Handheld Computer
09/19/2014 -
Industrial handheld computer, featuring Android 4.0 and a compact housing for easy transport.
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 MXE-5400 Fanless Embedded Computer MXE-5400 Fanless Embedded Computer
07/18/2014 -
Rugged quad-core fanless computers featuring the 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700EQ.
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 LEC-3517 SMARC Board LEC-3517 SMARC Board
07/15/2014 -
Built on TI's AM3517, it enables system architects to use a fully passive cooled system design.
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 USB-2405 Dynamic Signal Acquisition USB Module USB-2405 Dynamic Signal Acquisition USB Module
04/09/2014 -
24-bit high-performance dynamic signal acquisition USB module equipped with 4 analog input channels.
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 Toucan-AF COM Express Modules Toucan-AF COM Express Modules
10/30/2013 -
Featuring advanced graphics controller w/ DirectX® 11 support & discrete-level GPU w/ OpenGL 4.0 & OpenCL™ 1.1 support.
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 CoreModule® 920 PCI/104-Express SBCs with Intel® Core™ CoreModule® 920 PCI/104-Express SBCs with Intel® Core™
07/03/2013 -
Featuring dual-core 3rd Generation Intel® Core i7-3517UE processor & Mobile Intel QM67 Express Chipset.
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 PCIe-RTV24/PCI-RTV24 Video Capture Cards PCIe-RTV24/PCI-RTV24 Video Capture Cards
07/01/2013 -
Ideal devices for PC-based multiple-channel vision applications.
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 USB-7230/7250 Isolated USB I/O Modules USB-7230/7250 Isolated USB I/O Modules
06/25/2013 -
Featuring high voltage on/off control and monitoring, and isolation voltage supported up to 2500VRMS.
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 Express-IBR Computer on Module Express-IBR Computer on Module
06/21/2013 -
Offers a COM Express® Type 6 module with quad/dual-core 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
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 Matrix MXE-3000 Embedded Computer Matrix MXE-3000 Embedded Computer
06/20/2013 -
Based on the Intel® Atom™ D510 dual-core processor to offer greater computing power for your applications.
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 HDV62A High Definition A/V Capture Cards HDV62A High Definition A/V Capture Cards
06/20/2013 -
Enable single-card acquisition of full analog/digital video and digital audio signals
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 PXES-2590 PXI Express Chassis PXES-2590 PXI Express Chassis
06/18/2013 -
Features 9-slots and is compliant with PXI Express and cPCI Express specifications.
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 PXIS-2700 PXI Chassis PXIS-2700 PXI Chassis
06/13/2013 -
Provides 18 slots in a standard 19" 4U configuration and supports both PXI and CompactPCI modules.
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 TPZ-1300 Embedded Medical Computers TPZ-1300 Embedded Medical Computers
06/06/2013 -
Provides a noiseless solution satisfying stringent medical application requirements.
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 MXC-6000 Series Embedded Computer MXC-6000 Series Embedded Computer
06/06/2013 -
Offers fanless, expandable embedded computers with the new Intel® Core i7 2.0 GHz processor
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 Matrix MXE-5300 Embedded Computers Matrix MXE-5300 Embedded Computers
06/03/2013 -
Based on the Intel® Core™ i7-2710QE quad-core processor
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 GIE64+/GIE62+ POE Frame Grabbers GIE64+/GIE62+ POE Frame Grabbers
05/28/2013 -
PCI Express® x4 lane, Power Over Ethernet frame grabbers supporting 4 or 2 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports
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 ReadyBoard™ 740 / 910 EPIC SBCs with Intel® ReadyBoard™ 740 / 910 EPIC SBCs with Intel®
03/27/2013 -
Featuring Intel® Atom™, Core™, or Celeron® processor technology for ultra high CPU performance & high speed I/O.
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