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Active-Semi PAC5220 Power Application Controllers™

Active-Semi PAC5220 Power Application Controllers™

Active-Semi's PAC5220 Power Application Controllers™ are highly optimized for controlling and powering next generation smart energy appliances, devices, and equipment. These application controllers integrate a 50MHz ARM® Cortex™-M0 32-bit microcontroller core with Active-Semi's proprietary and patent-pending Multi-Mode Power Manager™, Configurable Analog Front End™, and Application Specific Power Drivers™ to form the most compact microcontroller-based power and general purpose application systems ranging from digital power supply to motor control. The PAC5220 microcontroller features up to 32kB of embedded FLASH and 8kB of SRAM memory, a high-speed 10-bit 1μs analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with dual auto-sampling sequencers, 5V/3.3V I/Os, flexible clock sources, timers, a versatile 14-channel PWM engine, and several serial interfaces.

  • Proprietary Multi-Mode Power Manager
    • Multi-mode switching supply controller configurable as high-voltage or ultra-high-voltage buck, AC/DC or flyback
    • DC supply up to 52V or line AC input
    • 4 linear regulators with power and hibernate management
    • Power and temperature monitor, warning, and fault detection
  • Proprietary Configurable Analog Front End
    • 10 analog front end I/O pins
    • 3 differential programmable gain amplifiers
    • 4 single-ended programmable gain amplifiers
    • 10 comparators
    • 2 DACs (10-bit and 8-bit)
  • Proprietary Application Specific Power Drivers
    • 3 low-side and 3 high-side gate drivers
    • 1A gate driving capability
    • 2 open-drain drivers
    • Configurable delays and fast fault protection
  • 50MHz ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit microcontroller core
    • Fast single cycle 32-bit x 32-bit multiplier
    • 24-bit SysTick timer
    • Nested vectored interrupt controller (NVIC) with 20 external interrupts
    • Wake-up interrupt controller allowing power-saving sleep modes
    • Clock-gating allowing low power operation
  • 32kB FLASH and 8kB SRAM memory
  • 10-bit 1μs ADC with multi-input/multi-sample control engine
    • 11 ADC inputs including input from configurable analog front end

  • 3.3V I/Os
    • 4 general purpose I/Os with tri-state and dedicated analog input to ADC
  • True 5V I/Os
    • 14 general purpose I/Os with tri-state, pull-up and pull-down and dedicated I/O supply
    • Configurable as true 5V or 3.3V I/Os
  • Flexible clock and PLL from internal 2% oscillator, ring oscillator, external clock, or crystal
  • 9 timing generators
    • Four 16-bit timers with up to 16 PWM/CC blocks and 7 independent dead-time controllers
    • 24-bit watchdog timer
    • 4s or 8s watchdog timer
    • 24-bit real time clock
    • 24-bit SysTick timer
    • Wake-up timer for sleep modes from 0.125s to 8s
  • SPI, I2C, and UART communication interfaces
  • SWD debug interface with interface disable function

  • General purpose high-voltage system controllers
  • Home appliances
  • Power tools
  • Motor controllers
  • LED lighting controllers
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Solar micro-inverters
  • Wireless power controllers
  • Digital power controllers
  • Industrial applications
Application Circuit
Application Circuit
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