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Wurth Electronics Qi Wireless Power Charging Coils

The only manufacturer with both
a transmit coil and a receive coil on the market!

Wurth Electronics Wireless Power Charging Coils (WE-WPC) allow power to be transferred wirelessly through an inductive coupling at a short range of typically a few millimeters.  The Wireless Power Charging Coils from Wurth Electronics are Qi-standard compliant and evaluated and approved from several IC manufacturers. The transmit coil and the receive coils are inductively coupled, meaning the AC current in the transmit coil generates a magnetic field which induces a voltage in the receive coil to power a device. The magnetic field between the coils is highly concentrated, exposing the user to only a small leakage field which is further minimized by an EMI shield on the back of the coil.  The coils are winded with litz wire, instead of bifilar, resulting in outstanding performance with the lowest DCRs and highest Q values. When used together, the transmit coil and receive coil achieve an efficiency of up to 75%.

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Qi Compliance

 Input Voltage  Inductance   @125kHz

760308101          A1  Transmitter   53.3x53.3x6.5    19V  24µH +-10%
760308105         A5  Transmitter  53.3x53.3x6.5    5V  6.3µH+-10%
760308106         A6  Transmitter   130x54.7x7   12V  11.5/12.5µH
760308110        A10  Transmitter  53.3x53.3x6.5   19V      24µH
760308111        A11  Transmitter  53.3x53.3x6.5    5V     6.3µH
760308201        n/a   Receiver   37x37x1.8    n/a  10µH +-10%



 Num.   Coils     Signal Type
Texas Instruments IC
    Evaluation Kits

760308101    Guided Yes    1  Half-Bridge  bq500210
760308105   Guided Yes    1  Full-Bridge bq500211A   
760308106    Free n/a    3  Half-Bridge bq500410A  bq500410AEVM-085  IDTP9036 
760308110   Not Guided No    1  Half-Bridge bq500210   IDTP9030
760308111   Not Guided No    1  Full-Bridge bq500212A  
760308201    n/a    n/a   n/a      n/a bq51013

WE-PCC Wireless Charging Coils - Extended
Part Number Dimensions (mm) Inductance (µH) Q-factor Voltage (V)
New! 760308103202 48x32x0.9 12 33 5
New! 760308103203 48x32x0.7 12 21 5
New! 760308103204 38.5x30.5x0.9 16.7 32 7

  • Low DC resistance of the coils
  • Low frequency dependent resistance (Skin-/Proximity effect)
  • High Q-factor
  • Efficiency up to 90% in first testings
  • Industry wide standard for delivering wireless power up to 5W
  • Aimed to enable interoperability between various charging pads and portable devices
  • Compatible devices will be marked with a Qi logo
  • Energy, gas, water and smart meters
  • Home and building automation: access, light, climate, and remote controls
  • Alarm and security systems: burglar alarms, motion sensors
  • Health and fitness: portable medical devices and remote diagnostics
  • Smart accessories: ultra low power add-ons and dongles
 Transmitter and Receiver Interaction
 Transmitter and Receiver Interaction

Wurth Electronics 760308 Wireless Power Demo Kit

Order Wurth Electronics 760308 Wireless Power Demo Kit View Product Detail

Additional Resources

Wireless Power Demo Kit

Wurth Electronics Wireless Power Demo Kit demonstrates the advantages of wireless power and gives developers the opportunity to test a wireless power solution and integrate it into their application. This Wurth demonstration kit is built according to Wireless Power Consortium WPC Qi specification 1.1. The transmitter is 5V input design and powers all standard WPC low power 5W receivers. The kit provides a plug and play 5W power transfer demonstration. Complete demo boards -- a Texas Instruments bq500212AEVM-550 Transmitter Board and bq51013BEVM-764 Receiver Board -- allow for fast and easy integration of Wireless Power into a product design.

  • Transmitter Input Voltage 5V
  • Receiver Output Voltage 5V @ 1A
  • WPC version 1.1 compliant
  • High efficiency Coils
  • Smartphones
  • Headsets
  • Portable media players
  • Wurth Electronics
  • Passive Components