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TI Winning Solutions

Texas Instruments Winning Solutions

Check out these winning solutions from Texas Instruments that deliver high performance, power efficiency, flexibility, and other key features to give users a winning design.

Winning Solutions Example: TI E-Meter Demonstration

E-Meter Solution

This E-Meter Solution from TI is a cost-efficient smart meter design providing advanced functionality with more memory (Flash, RAM) and communication options for a value-line solution for mid-range smart utility metering.

EVM430-F6736 - Evaluation Module
TPS5432 - Buck Converter
ISO7131 - Digital Isolator
UCC28710 - PWM Controller
CC1200 - RF Transceiver
CC2538 - SoC
    LM3671 - DC-DC Converter
      ISO3082 - Transceiver

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      Power Line Communication Solution

      This Power Line Communication Solution from TI provides the flexibility of a single hardware and software design that can support multiple standards and a single global platform. This TI winning solution allows designers to easily create PLC modem systems  serving Smart Grid networks.

      TMS320F28069 - Piccolo MCU
      AFE031 - AFE
      TPS3828-33 - Supervisory Circuit
      TPS62240 - Step-Down Converter
      SN74LVC2G07 - Dual Driver/Buffer
      TMDSPLCKIT - C2000 Dev Kit

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      Industrial Communication Solution

      This Industrial Communication Solution from TI is designed to integrate the communications interfaces used in a broad range of industrial systems, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial communication modules, interfaces for sensors and I/O systems, and more.

      AM3359 - Cortex-A8 Processor
      TLK110 - Ethernet PHY
      ISO1176T - Profibus Transceiver
      ISO1050 - CAN Transceiver
      TPS65910A - PMIC

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      Temperature Sensing Solution

      This Temperature Sensing solution from TI speeds the design cycle with the right devices, software, tools, and support for designing the next generation of temperature sensors.

      ADS1247/8 - ADCs with Temp Sensor
      LMP90 - Sensor Analog Front Ends
      ADS1018/1118 - ADCs for Temp Sensors

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      Industrial Ethernet Solution

      This Industrial Ethernet solution from TI extends communication from the control room to the factory floor for either timing critical or harsh environment applications.

      AM3359 - Sitara ARM Cortex®-A8 Processor
      DP83630 - Precision PHYTER® IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol Transceiver
      DP83848H - Mini-Extreme Temperature Single 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver

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      TI Winning Solutions

      Automotive Vision Solution

      This Texas Instruments end-to-end Automotive Vision solution is AEC-Q certified and incorporates the high-performance processing capabilities and the multi-Gbps interfaces required for the most sophisticated automotive safety systems on the market today.

      TMS320DM8148 - DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor
      DS90UB913Q - Balanced FPD-Link III Serializer
      DS90UB914Q - Balanced FPD-Link III Deserializer

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      TI Winning Solution

      Chemical & Gas Sensor Solution

      This chemical and gas sensor solution provides onboard processing and a configurable interface, allowing a single detector to be used for multiple sensor types.

      LMP91000 - Configurable AFE Potentiostat
      MSP430F2003 - 16-Bit Ultra-Low-Power MCU
      XTR117 - 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter
      BQ25504 - Ultra-Low Power Boost Converter

        Learn More About Chemical & Gas Sensor Solution

      High Bay LED Lighting Solution

      This intelligent high bay LED lighting solution provides the greatest power efficiency, power factor correction, and the flexibility to control multiple strings from a single architecture.

      UCC28810 - Active PFC LED Power Controller
      TPS92020 - Resonant Switching LED Driver Controller
      LM3409HV - Constant Current Buck LED Driver

       Learn More About High Bay LED Lighting Solution

      Motor Control Solutions

      TI leverages a rich history in advanced motor control expertise, combines it with analog and embedded processing portfolios, and delivers complete motor system solutions. TI provides a broad motor expertise, a wide breadth of selection, and comprehensive support for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective drive and control solutions.

      DRV8x - Integrated Motor Drivers
      MSP430F54xx - MSP430 MCUs with 16-bit RISC CPU
      C2000 - High-Performance Single-Chip MCUs

       Learn More About Motor Control Solutions

      Portable Audio and Display Solution

      This multi-sensory portable audio and display solution from TI features high-fidelity sound, multi-point touch with haptics for tactile feedback, and a programmable high brightness backlight driver. These TI devices combine to deliver a richer user experience in a small-form factor.

      TPA2011D1 - 3.2W mono Class-D audio power amplifier
      TLV320AIC3256 - Very low-power stereo codec
      DRV8662 - Piezo haptic driver
      LP8552 - High-efficiency white LED backlight driver
      TSC2004 - Nano-power touch screen controller

       Learn More About Portable Audio and Display Solution

      Smart Metering Solution

      This three-phase energy metering solution from Texas Instruments delivers the high linearity required for accurate power measurement and the isolation necessary to meet industry standards regulating power and communications for e-metering.

      ADS131E08 - Analog front-end for power monitoring and control
      AMC1100 - 4.25kVPEAK isolated amplifier
      ISO7241C - Quad channel, 25Mbps digital isolator
      TMS320F2812 - 32-bit digital signal controller with Flash

       Learn More About Smart Metering Solution

      TI Winning Solution

      Solar Micro-Inverter Solution

      This solar micro-inverter solution from Texas Instruments maximizes power output, provides real time control and performance data, and delivers a safer, more reliable next generation system.

      TMS320F2808 - 32-Bit Digital Signal Controller with Flash
      AFE031 - Powerline Communications Analog Front End
      SM72295 - Renewable Energy Grade Photovoltaic Full Bridge Driver

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      TI Winning Solution

      Wireless Body Sensor Solution

      This solar micro-inverter solution from Texas Instruments maximizes power output, provides real time control and performance data, and delivers a safer, more reliable next generation system.

      CC2541 - 2.4GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy System-on-Chip Solution
      TPS62730 - Frequency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter
      ADS1292 - Low-Power, 2-Ch., 24-Bit Analog Front-End
      MSP430F5308 - Ultra-Low-Power MCU

       Learn More About Wireless Body Sensor Solution

      Texas Instruments Winning Solutions
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