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Texas Instruments TPL0401A / TPL0401B 128 TAPS Digital Potentiometers

TI TPL0401A / TPL0401B 128 TAPS
Digital Potentiometers and Eval Module

Texas Instruments TPL0401A / TPL0401B 128 TAPS Digital Potentiometers

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Texas Instruments TPL0401A and TPL0401B 128 TAPS Single-Channel Digital Potentiometers with I²C Interface are linear-taper devices with 128 wiper positions. TI TPL0401 Digital Potentiometers feature 10kΩ end-to-end resistance options and 2.7V to 5.5V single-supply operation. The TPL0401A and TPL0401B have the low terminal internal and connected to GND. The position of the wiper can be adjusted using an I²C interface. The TI TPL0401A and TPL0401B Digital Potentiometers are designed for use in setting the voltage reference for low power DDR3 memory.

  • Single Channel, 128-Position Resolution
  • 10kΩ End-to-End Resistance Options
  • Low Temperature Coefficient: 35ppm/°C
  • I²C Serial Interface
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation
  • ±20% Resistance Tolerance
  • "A" and "B" Versions Have Different I²C Addresses:
    • TPL0401A (0101110)
    • TPL0401B (0111110)
  • "L" Terminal Connected To GND
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to 125°C
  • Available in Industry Standard SC70 Packages
  • ESD Performance Tested per JESD 22
  • 2000 V Human Body Model (A114-B, Class II)
  • Low Power DDR3 Voltage Reference
  • Adjustable Power Supplies
  • Adjustable Gain Amplifiers and Offset Trimming
  • Precision Calibration of Set Point Thresholds
  • Sensor Trimming and Calibration
  • Mechanical Potentiometer Replacement

Functional Diagram

Functional Diagram
Texas Instruments TPL0401EVM Eval Module

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TI TPL0401EVM evaluation module is designed to operate with MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad. TPL0401EVM comes with a pre-programmed MSP430G2553 microcontroller that can be inserted in the DIP socket on the LaunchPad. TPL0401EVM offers LED mode that is the standard mode the TPL0401 comes up in when powered up. In this mode, the TPL0401 devices are used to control the color mixing on the RGB LEDs. This TI EVM also offers adjustable voltage reference mode in which the TPL0401 is used in conjunction with an LMV321 op amp as an adjustable voltage reference circuit. The Evaluation module also has a variable gain mode in which the TPL0401 is configured as part of a variable gain non-inverting amplifier. The gain of the amplifier can be controlled by a digital interface.

  • Works with low cost MSP430 based LaunchPad platform
  • Simple GUI to control EVM
  • EVM can operate in three different modes
    • LED mode
    • Adjustable Voltage reference mode
    • Variable gain mode
  • Board is entirely powered by USB
  • Texas Instruments