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Texas Instruments TMX320C5535 Fixed-Point DSPs
Texas Instruments TMX320C5535 Fixed-Point DSPs

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Texas Instruments TMS320C5535 Fixed-Point DSPs

Texas Instruments TMS320C5532, TMS320C5533, TMS320C5534, and TMS320C5535 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are designed for low-power applications and based on the TMS320C55x DSPC55x DSP generation CPU processor core. The architecture achieves high performance and low power through increased parallelism and total focus on power savings. TI TMS320C553x DSPs support an internal bus structure composed of one program bus, one 32-bit data read bus and two 16-bit data read buses, two 16-bit data write buses, and additional buses dedicated to peripheral and DMA activity. These buses provide the ability to perform up to four 16-bit data reads and two 16-bit data writes in a single cycle. The device also includes four DMA controllers, each with 4 channels, providing data movement for 16-independent channel contexts without CPU intervention. The general-purpose input and output functions along with the 10-bit SAR ADC on the TMS320C5535 provide sufficient pins for status interrupts, and bit I/O for LCD displays, keyboards, and media interfaces. The TI TMS320C5535 DSP included a tightly-coupled FFT Hardware Accelerator. The tightly-coupled FFT Hardware Accelerator supports 8 to 1024-point (in power of 2) real and complex-valued FFTs.

TI TMDX5535EZDSP USB Stick Development Kit

The TI TMDX5535eZdsp is a small form factor, very low cost USB-powered DSP development kit which includes all the hardware and software needed to evaluate the C553x generation, which is the industry's lowest-cost and lowest power 16-bit DSP. This ultra-low-cost TI kit allows quick and easy evaluation of the advanced capabilities of the C5535. The TMDX5535eZdsp kit has an on-board XDS100 emulator for full course-level debug capability and supports Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) version 4.x and eXpressDSP™ software which includes the DSP/BIOS™ kernel. The full contents of the Development Kit include C5535 ezdsp board, CCStudio IDE Rev. 4.x, and headphone with mic, a 2-GB micro SD card, a free software framework for USB audio class and human interface device (HID) applications and an out-of-the-box comprehensive demo for USB audio class applications.

DSP Features
  • High-Performance, Low-Power, TMS320C55x Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor
    • 20-, 10-ns Instruction Cycle Time
    • 50-, 100-MHz Clock Rate
    • One/Two Instruction(s) Executed per Cycle
    • Dual Multipliers [Up to 200 Million Multiply-Accumulates per Second (MMACS)]
    • Two Arithmetic/Logic Units (ALUs)
    • Three Internal Data/Operand Read Buses and Two Internal Data/Operand Write Buses
    • Software-Compatible With C55x Devices
    • Industrial Temperature Devices Available
  • 320K Bytes Zero-Wait State On-Chip RAM, Composed of:
    • 64K Bytes of Dual-Access RAM (DARAM), 8 Blocks of 4K × 16-Bit
    • 256K Bytes of Single-Access RAM (SARAM), 32 Blocks of 4K × 16-Bit
    • 128K Bytes of Zero Wait-State On-Chip ROM (4 Blocks of 16K × 16-Bit)
    • Tightly-Coupled FFT Hardware Accelerator
  • Peripheral:
    • Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller
      • Four DMA With 4 Channels Each (16-Channels Total)
    • Three 32-Bit General-Purpose Timers
      • One Selectable as a Watchdog and/or GP
  • Wireless Audio Devices (e.g., Headsets, Microphones, Speakerphones)
  • Echo Cancellation Headphones
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Voice Applications
  • Industrial Controls
  • Fingerprint Biometrics
  • Software-defined Radio
Dev Kit Features
  • Small form factor DSP development kit for the C5535 processor
  • TMS320C5535 fixed point ultra-low-power DSP
  • Embedded XDS100 emulator
  • USB 2.0 high speed
  • Micro SD card slot with 2-GB micro SD card
  • Line In/Mic in, headphone out audio jacks
  • 60-pin expansion connector
  • 96 x 16-pixel OLED display
  • Includes Code Composer Studio IDE 4.x
  • Software framework for USB audio class and HID applications
  • Out-of-the-box demo software
  • Full documentation with source code on CD-ROM

TMS320C553x Block Diagram

Block Diagram

  • Texas Instruments
  • Audio|Industrial|Medical
  • Semiconductors|Embedded Processors|IC-DSP/DSC