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Texas Instruments TAS5727 25W Digital Power Amplifiers

TI TAS5727 25W Digital Power Amplifiers

Texas Instruments TAS5727 25W digital audio power amplifiers are efficient devices for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers. The TI TAS5727 features speaker equalization (EQ) that improves audio performance. These TI digital audio power amplifiers also provide two band dynamic range compression (DRC) that can be used as a power limiter and enables speaker protection, easy listening, and night-mode listening. The TAS5727 also offers autodetect, which automatically detects sample-rate changes without need for external microprocessor intervention. These TI audio power amplifiers are ideal for use in LCD TV, LED TV, and soundbar applications.

  • Audio Input/Output
    • 25 W Into an 8-Ω Load From a 20-V Supply
    • Wide PVDD Range, From 8 V to 26 V
    • Supports BTL Configuration With 4-Ω Load
    • Efficient Class-D Operation Eliminates Need for Heatsinks
    • One Serial Audio Input (Two Audio Channels)
    • I²C Address Selection Pin (Chip Select)
    • Single Output Filter PBTL Support
    • Supports 44.1-kHz to 48-kHz Sample Rate (LJ/RJ/I²S)
  • Audio/PWM Processing
    • Independent Channel Volume Controls With Gain of 24 dB to Mute With 0.125-dB Resolution Steps
    • Programmable Two-Band Dynamic-Range Control
    • 18 Programmable Biquads for Speaker EQ and Other Audio-Processing Features
    • Programmable Coefficients for DRC Filters
    • DC Blocking Filters
  • General Features
    • I²C Serial Control Interface
    • Operational Without MCLK
    • Requires Only 3.3 V and PVDD
    • No External Oscillator: Internal Oscillator for Automatic Rate Detection
    • Surface-Mount, 48-Pin HTQFP Package
  • LCD TV
  • LED TV
  • Soundbar
Functional Block Diagram
Functional Block Diagram
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