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Texas Instruments LDC1000 Inductance to Digital Converters

Texas Instruments LDC1000
Inductance-to-Digital Converters

Texas Instruments LDC1000 Inductance-to-Digital Converters are a contact-less, short-range sensing technology that enables low-cost, high-resolution sensing of conductive targets in the presence of dust, dirt, oil, and moisture, making it extremely reliable in hostile environments. Using a coil which can be created on a PCB as a sensing element, the LDC1000 enables ultra-low cost system solutions. Inductive sensing technology enables precise measurement of linear/angular position, displacement, motion, compression, vibration, metal composition, and many other applications in markets including automotive, consumer, computer, industrial, medical, and communications. Inductive sensing offers better performance and reliability at lower cost than other, competitive solutions. The LDC1000 is the world's first inductance-to-digital converters, offering the benefits of inductive sensing in a low-power, small-footprint solution. The product is available in a SON-16 package and offers several modes of operation. An SPI interface simplifies connection to an MCU.

The LDC1000 Evaluation Module is designed to provide an example LC tank and coil structure application to interface to a host computer. The module can be used independently of the GUI by the on-board embedded LED, which demonstrates threshold detection.

Ace Award Winner 2014
LDC1000 Eval Module
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User's Guide LDC1000EVM User's Guide
  • Magnet-Free Operation
  • Sub-Micron Precision
  • Adjustable Sensing Range (via Coil Design)
  • Lower System Cost
  • Remote Sensor Placement (Decoupling the LDC from Harsh Environments)
  • High Durability (by Virtue of Contact-Less Operation)
  • Insensitivity to Environmental Interference (such as Dirt, Dust, Water, Oil)
  • Supply Voltage, Analog: 4.75V to 5.25V
  • Supply Voltage, IO: 1.8V to 5.25V
  • Supply Current (w/o LC Tank): 1.7mA
  • Rp Resolution: 16-bit
  • L Resolution: 24-bit
  • LC Frequency Range: 5kHz to 5MHz
  • Drive-by-Wire Systems
  • Gear-Tooth Counting
  • Flow Meters
  • Push-Button Switches
  • Notebook Computers
  • Game Controllers
  • Multi-Function Printers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Medical Devices

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Application Schematic
Application Schematic

Texas Instruments LDC1000QEVM Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments LDC1000QEVM demonstrates the use of inductive sensing technology to sense and measure the presence, position or composition of a conductive target object. The module includes an example of a PCB sensor coil. An MSP430 microcontroller is used to interface the LDC to a host computer. This module is designed to provide the user with maximum flexibility for system prototyping. It's perforated at two locations: one, between the PCB sensor coil (LC tank) and the LDC1000-Q1 chip, and another, between the LDC1000-Q1 IC and the MSP430 interface.

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