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Texas Instruments DRV110 Power-Saving Solenoid Controller

TI DRV110 Power-Saving Solenoid Controller

Texas Instruments DRV110 Power-Saving Solenoid Controller is a PWM current controller for solenoids. TI DRV110 is designed to regulate the current with a well-controlled waveform to reduce power dissipation. The solenoid current is ramped up fast to ensure opening of the valve or relay. The solenoid current is kept at peak value after initial ramping to ensure the correct operation, after which it is reduced to a lower hold level in order to avoid thermal problems and reduce power dissipation.

The peak current duration is set with an external capacitor. The current ramp peak and hold levels, as well as PWM frequency can be independently set with external resistors. DRV110 solenoid controller limits its own supply at VIN to 15V, which is also the gate drive voltage of an external switching device.

  • Drives an External MOSFET With PWM to Control Solenoid Current
    • External Sense Resistor for Regulating Solenoid Current
  • Fast Ramp-Up of Solenoid Current to Guarantee Activation
  • Solenoid Current is Reduced in Hold Mode for Lower Power and Thermal Dissipation
  • Ramp Peak Current, Keep Time at Peak Current, Hold Current and PWM Clock Frequency Can Be Set Externally. They Can Also Be Operated at Nominal Values Without External Components.
  • Internal Supply Voltage Regulation
    • 15V Nominal MOSFET Gate Drive Voltage
    • External Pull-Up Resistor to Solenoid Supply Voltage
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 105°C
  • Electromechanical Driver: Solenoids, Valves, Relays
  • White Goods
  • Transportation
  • Solar

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