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TI MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad

Texas Instruments C2000 Series 32-Bit Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments C28x DSP Core

Texas Instruments High Res PWMs

DSP performance, MCU ease

DSP core with control focused co-processor and accelerator options to provide unparalleled performance and flexibility for a variety of applications.

  • 32-bit C28x DSP architecture
  • Modified Harvard architecture including six separate data/address buses for data and program memory
  • Eight-stage pipeline with single-cycle operation across pipeline
  • Native DSP math processing with single-cycle 32 × 32-bit multiply accumulate (MAC) operations and dual 16 × 16 MACs
  • 192 interrupt vectors with low-latency service routines down to nine cycles
  • Floating-point unit options across portfolio and revolutionary IQMath™ floating-point software for fixed-point devices
  • C28x CLA co-processor for dual-core architectures, doubled performance, and modular control systems
  • Trigonometric Math Unit accelerator for fast execution of trigbased functions
  • VCU accelerator for unparalleled execution of power line communication algorithms
  • Best-in-class compiler efficiency
  • Software compatibility across the portfolio

Take control with C2000 MCU peripherals

Most flexible, configurable, and highest performing in their class

PWM generation:
  • Achieve unprecedented precision with unparalleled high resolution duty-cycle control down to 55ps time steps
  • Reduce power-switching loses with high-resolution and configurable deadband support
  • Protect your system and add safety features with direct PWM tripping from comparator or trip zone pin inputs
  • Flexible PWM outputs configurations, including dual-edge asymmetric and symmetric PWM generation
  • Programmable or hardware-locked PWM time and phase synchronization

ADC feedback:
  • 16-bit and 12-bit resolution for high accuracy Up to 4 ADCs
  • Ultra-fast ADC sample and conversion rates up to 12.5 mega samples per second (MSPS)

Capture and Quadrature Encoder interfaces:
  • Highly accurate capture interfaces based on 32-bit timers with additional capabilities for high-resolution measurements
  • 32-bit quadrature encoder pulse module for interfacing with incremental encoders used in motor control systems

Piccolo™ C28x™ low-cost, high integration 32-bit microcontrollers feature architectural advancements and enhanced peripherals to bring the benefits of 32-bit real-time control to applications typically unable to justify the associated cost.

Whether you need fixed-point 40-60 MHz performance with the F2802x series, additional flash memory and CLA for high-efficiency control loops of the F2803x series, increased analog integration of the F2805x series, or the floating-point, double memory, and new Viterbi complex math unit (VCU) of the F2806x series there is a Piccolo MCU fit for your needs.

Piccolo's real-time control offers greater system efficiency and precision through the implementation of advanced algorithms for applications such as solar inverters, white goods appliances, hybrid automotive batteries, power line communications (PLC) and LED lighting.

Key highlights
  • Up to 90-MHz, 32-bit C28x™ CPU
  • 16kB to 256-kB embedded Flash
  • 12-bit ADC, up to 4.6 MSPS
  • 150-ps high-resolution ePWM
  • Control law accelerator
  • Package options starting at 38-pin TSSOP
  • Integrated oscillator, voltage regulator, BOR/POR
  • Single-rail 3.3V device
  • Floating-point and fixed-point options
  • Leading 32-bit performance for real-time control
  • Lowers system cost
  • Increased ease of use
  • Small package size
  • Scalable performance, selectable math and control enhancements
  • Alternative Energy
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Digital Power
  • Lighting
  • Motor Drive & Control
  • Smart Grid
  • White Goods

Texas Instruments C28x Block Diagram

The 32-bit Delfino™ F283xx and C2834x series of C2000 microcontrollers brings leading floating-point performance and analog integration to real-time control applications. The Delfino line of microcontrollers simplifies development and delivers high performance for demanding real-time applications. The line features the new dual-core microcontroller running at 200 MHz on each CPU and also has single core options running up to a 300 MHz.

With a high-performance core, control optimized peripherals, integrated analog, and scalable development platform, the Delfino line of microcontrollers can reduce system cost, increase system reliability, and boost performance for applications such as industrial power electronics, power delivery, renewable energy, and smart sensing.

Key highlights
  • Dual-core C28x at 200 MHz each
  • Floating Point Unit
  • Trigonometric math unit (TMU)
  • Viterbi Complex Unit (VCU)
  • Two programmable 32-bit floating-point real-time accelerators (CLAs) on chip
  • Up to 1MB of Flash
  • Dual DMA controllers
  • High Resolution PWMs (down to 55ps)
  • Four 16 bit ADCs, 1 MSPS
  • 32-bit QEP and Capture modules
  • Programmable PWM Trip
  • Leading 32-bit performance for real-time control applications
  • Reduced system cost through integrated high performance analog
  • Improved application performance and efficiency
  • Scalable performance, selectable math and control enhancements
  • Alternative Energy
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Digital Power
  • Lighting
  • Motor Drive & Control
  • Smart Grid
  • White Goods

Texas Instruments C28x Block Diagram

C28x + ARM® Cortex™-M3 brings together connectivity and control by combining a ARM Cortex-M3™ core with C2000's C28x core on to one device. With C28x + ARM Cortex-M3, applications such as solar inverters and industrial control can keep the benefits of separating the communication and control portions while maintaining a single-chip solution. In addition, The C28x + ARM Cortex-M3 enables safety certifications in your system via enhanced hardware and safety features.

Key Features
  • C28x (up to 150MHz) optimized for: Real-time control (15+ years, DSP heritage)
  • Sensing & DSP filtering and processing
  • Firmware programmable PLM solutions (VCU)
  • Digital power independent multi-loop control
  • Motor Control and Power Monitoring
  • Industry-leading control peripherals

Cortex-M3 (up to 100MHz) optimized for:
  • Host communications: Ethernet, USB, CAN, UART, SPI, I2C
  • Scheduling
  • O/S
C28x Series Available to Sample
  • No compromise between communication and control
  • Enable safety certifications
  • Lower system cost with integration
  • Scalable performance, selectable math and control enhancements
  • Single IDE built in functionality with dual subsystem debugging and programming
  • Multi OS Support
  • Simple, quick, and secure communication between subsystems

Texas Instruments F28Mx Block Diagram

Texas Instruments LAUNCHXL-F28027 C2000™ Piccolo LaunchPad is an evaluation platform designed to help you leap right into the world of real-time control programming on the C2000 Piccolo microcontrollers. TI LAUNCHXL-F28027 LaunchPad is based on the Piccolo TMS320F28027 MCU that features  64KB of on board flash, 8 PWM channels, eCAP, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), I²C, SPI, UART, and much more. The LaunchPad includes many board hardware features, such as an integrated isolated XDS100 JTAG emulator for easy programming and debugging, 40 PCB pins for easy access to the pins of the F28027 processor, reset button, and programmable button.

LAUNCHXL-F28027F is an InstaSPIN™-FOC enabled C2000™ Piccolo LaunchPad designed to introduce sensorless motor control using the InstaSPIN-FOC solution. This LaunchPad is based on the Piccolo TMS320F28027F with unique features such as 64KB of on board flash, 8 PWM channels, eCAP, 12bit ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, and InstaSPIN-FOC in on-chip execute only ROM memory.

Learn more about TI LaunchPad Evaluation Kits & BoosterPacks

LAUNCHXL-F28027 Features
  • Pre-programmed C2000 Piccolo F28027 MCU
  • Built in isolated XDS100 JTAG Emulator
    enables real-time in-system programming
    and debugging via USB
  • CPU reset button and programmable push button
  • Enables development on any Piccolo F2802x device
  • Free unrestricted version of Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE) v5
  • Free download of controlSUITE™ software with examples, libraries, application software and more
Kit Contents
  • C2000 Piccolo
    Evaluation Board (LAUNCHXL-F28027)
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

LAUNCHXL-F28027 Board Overview
LAUNCHXL-F28027 Board Overview
TI Videos
Discover the C2000 LaunchPad Evaluation Kit

TI Makes It Easy: C2000 LaunchPad Evaluation Kit

TI BOOSTXL-C2KLED C2000 LED BoosterPack demonstrates the control of 3 boost converters to drive 3 LED (Red, Green, and Blue) strings. A variety of user interface options are provided, including capacitive touch control using an MSP430 and the MSP430 Cap Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-SENSE1) as well as a PC GUI application. The TI C2000 LED BoosterPack is ideal for those wishing to learn about real time digital control techniques and LED lighting. This TI kit requires the C2000 LaunchPad to function as intended.

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  • 3 Booster Converters
  • 8 RGB LEDs
  • MSP430 Capacitive Touch Interface
BoosterPack Contents
  • LED BoosterPack
  • Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide

LED BoosterPack Circuit Diagram
LED BoosterPack Circuit Diagram
  • Texas Instruments