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Texas Instruments Automotive Vision Solution

Texas Instruments Automotive Vision Solution

TI Winning Solution
Texas Instruments Automotive Vision Solution

Check out this Texas Instruments end-to-end Automotive Vision solution that is AEC-Q certified and incorporates the high-performance processing capabilities and the multi-Gbps interfaces required for the most sophisticated automotive safety systems on the market today. This TI Winning Solution is composed of:

TMS320DM8148 - High-Performance DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor
DS90UB913Q - Balanced FPD-Link III Serializer with Bi-Directional Control Channel
DS90UB914Q - Balanced FPD-Link III Deserializer with Bi-Directional Control Channel

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Key Solution Features
  • Full HD video processor system-on-chip
    • Embedded video codec supports leading standards, H.264, MPEG 4
    • GHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 for analytics and overlay
  • AEC-Q interface components for high reliability/lower wire count
    • 100 MHz Ser/Des with Bi-Directional Control Channel
    • I2C back channel for configuration/control
An Automotive Vision Solution
An An Automotive Vision Solution
Texas Instruments TMS320DM8148 DaVinci Processor

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TI TMS320DM814x DaVinci™ Digital Media Processors are a highly-integrated, programmable platform that leverages TI's DaVinci Processor technology to meet the processing needs of a variety of applications: HD Video Conferencing - Skype endpoints, Video Surveillance DVRs, IP Netcam, Digital Signage, Media Players/Adapters, Mobile Medical Imaging, Network Projectors, and Home Audio/Video Equipment to name a few.

  • High-Performance DaVinci Video Digital Media Processors
  • Up to 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 RISC Core
  • Up to 750MHz C674x VLIW DSP
  • Up to 6000/4500 C674x™ MIPS/MFLOPS
  • Fully Software-Compatible with C67x+, C64x+
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Texas Instruments DS90UB913Q and DP90UB914Q
                        FPD-Link III Serializer/Deserializer

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Additional Resources

TI DS90UB913Q / DS90UB914Q chipset offers a FPD-Link III interface with a high-speed forward channel and a bidirectional control channel for data transmission over a single differential pair. The DS90UB913Q/914Q chipsets incorporate differential signaling on both the high-speed forward channel and bidirectional control channel data paths. The Serializer/ Deserializer pair is targeted for connections between imagers and video processors in an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This chipset is ideally suited for driving video data requiring up to 12 bit pixel depth plus two synchronization signals along with bidirectional control channel bus.

  • 10 MHz to 100 MHz Input Pixel Clock Support
  • Single Differential Pair Interconnect
  • Programmable Data Payload:
    • 10 bit Payload up to 100Mhz
    • 12 bit Payload up to 75MHz
  • Continuous Low Latency Bidirectional Control Interface Channel with I2C support@400kHz
  • 2:1 Multiplexer to Choose Between Two Input Imagers
  • Embedded Clock With DC Balanced Coding to Support AC-Coupled Interconnects
  • Capable of Driving up to 25 Meters Shielded Twisted-pair
  • Receive Equalizer Automatically Adapts for Changes in Cable Loss
  • 4 Dedicated General Purpose Input (GPI)/ Output (GPO)
  • LOCK Output Reporting Pin and AT-SPEED BIST Diagnosis Feature to
  • Validate Link Integrity
  • 1.8V, 2.8V or 3.3V Compatible Parallel Inputs on Serializer
  • Single Power Supply at 1.8V
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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