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Taiyo Yuden Super Capacitors

Taiyo Yuden Lithium Ion Super Capacitors

The Ultimate Replacement for EDLCs

Taiyo Yuden Cylindrical Lithium Ion Super Capacitor uses the combined strength of lithium-ion secondary batteries and conventional electric dual layer capacitors (EDLCs), resulting in an energy device that offers extremely large energy capacitance and high reliability. The hybrid Lithium Ion Capacitors from Taiyo Yuden are driven by "Lithium Pre-Dope" technology that involves the storing of lithium ions at the anode in advance, enabling energy to be used more efficiently and cycle life to be increased. These offer energy density 4 to 10 times greater than EDLCs and can be used as a stand-alone power source or as a load charge leveling device to increase the life of the main power source such as a dry battery or lithium primary battery.  Specifications include 40F, 100F, 200F, and 270F capacitances, operating temperature range from -25°C to ~85° C, and increased maximum voltage of 3.8V, about 1.5 times higher than the 2.3 to 2.7V of conventional capacitors.

  • Extremely large capacitance - 40F to 270F - two times more than EDLCs
  • Can achieve high voltage of 3.8V
  • High temperature, -25°C to ~85° Cº
  • More reliable than EDLCs
  • Three times smaller mounting space than EDLCs
  • Four times more high power density than EDLCs
  • Excellent life cycle performance
  • Environmentally friendly power source
  • Does not contain heavy metals, such as Cd, Hg and Pb
  • RoHS compliant
  • Capacitance: 40F, 100F, 200F, and 270F


  • Storage power source combined with solar cell, fuel cell, generator, and more
  • Main power source for small devices (machine tools, measuring equipment, toys)
  • Load charge leveling (life lengthening of main power source such as dry battery, lithium primary battery)
  • Backup applications such as servers and smart meters

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