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Silicon Labs Si537x 4-PLL Jitter Attenuating Clock ICs

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Silicon Labs Si537x 4-PLL Jitter Attenuating Clock ICs

Silicon Labs Si537x 4-PLL Jitter Attenuating Clocks are the first single-chip timing ICs to integrate four independent, high-performance phase locked loops (PLLs), providing twice the PLL integration and 40 percent lower jitter than competing solutions. Silicon Labs Si537x clock ICs with DSPLL® technology address the complex timing requirements of high-speed optical transport network (OTN) applications. The Si5374 has eight input clocks and eight output clocks while the Si5375 offers four input clocks and four output clocks for applications requiring fewer clocks. With its quad-DSPLL configuration, a single Si5374 clock can generate different frequencies simultaneously, enabling the design to support SONET/SDH, 1/10/100G Ethernet, 1/2/4/8/10G Fibre Channel, 3G/HD SDI video and other protocols simultaneously in the same device. Silicon Labs Si5376 clock ICs provides a smooth upgrade path for existing customers migrating from Silicon Labs Si5319 / Si5326 clocks to a more integrated jitter-cleaning clock solution designed to minimize BOM cost and complexity. The Si537x clocks effectively replace four timing devices with a single IC in high-port-count 10G/40G/100G OTN line cards.

  • Highly-integrated, 4 PLL clock multiplier/jitter attenuator
  • Four independent DSPLLs support any-frequency synthesis and jitter
  • attenuation
  • Each DSPLL can generate any frequency from 2 kHz to 808 MHz from a 2 kHz to 710 MHz input
  • Ultra-low jitter clock outputs: 410 fs rms (12 kHz- 20 MHz), 440 fs rms
  • (50 kHz-80 MHz)
  • Meets ITU-T G.8251 and Telcordia GR-253-CORE OC-192 jitter specifications
  • Supports all ITU G.709 and any custom FEC ratios (239/237, 255/238, 255/237, 255/236, 253/226)
  • I²C programmable
  • Single 1.8 V ±5% or 2.5 V ±10% operation with high PSRR on-chip voltage regulator
  • 10x10 mm PBGA
  • High-density, any-port, any-protocol, any-frequency line cards
  • ITU-T G.709 OTN custom FEC
  • 10/40/100G
  • OC-48/192, STM-16/64
  • 1/2/4/8/10G Fibre Channel
  • GbE/10 GbE Synchronous Ethernet
  • Carrier Ethernet, multi-service switches and routers
  • MSPP, ROADM, P-OTS, muxponders

Product Comparison
Part Number Reference Inputs Clock Outputs
Si5374 8 8
Si5375 4 4
Si5376 8 8

Silicon Labs Si537x-EVB Evaluation Boards

Si537x-EVB evaluation boards provide a platform for evaluating Silicon Labs Si5374 and Si5375 Clocks. Si537x-EVB evaluation boards have a Silicon Labs C8051F430 microcontroller that supports USB communications with a PC host. The Si5374 / Si5375 devices are controlled and monitored through the I²C serial port. A CPLD is connected to the MCU and stores pin configuration data and reads the device status pins. The MCU communicates to the Si537x device using I²C through a voltage level translator. The user has the option of bypassing the MCU and controlling the devices from an external serial device. A separate DUT (device under test) power supply connector is included. LEDs are provided for convenient monitor of key status signals.

Si5374 Block Diagram
Si5374 Block Diagram
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