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Si114x QuickSense™ Infrared Proximity Sensors

Silicon Labs Si114x QuickSense ™ infrared proximity sensors are the industry's most sensitive and lowest power active infrared proximity sensors . Silicon Labs Si114x infrared proximity sensors feature an all-digital I²C control interface and up to three infrared LED drivers in an impressively small 2mm x 2mm clear QFN package. These Silicon Labs sensors are capable of controlling 1-, 2-, and 3-infrared LED systems, giving developers the freedom to implement one-dimensional systems with a range of up to 50cm or multi-dimensional systems capable of advanced motion sensing with a range of up to 15cm. Silicon Labs Si114x infrared proximity sensors extend battery life by reducing the Ir-LED on-time to only 25.6 µs. These QuickSense devices also feature an integrated ambient light photodiode that enables accurate light level monitoring in mixed-light source settings.

  • Industry leading infrared proximity sensing range of 50 cm
  • Extends battery life by reducing the Ir-LED on-time to only 25.6 μs
  • Enables 1, 2, and 3-dimensional sensing systems
  • Enables innovative new end-product features like the touchless slider
  • Dynamic adjustment of LED currents minimizes power consumption
  • Enables accurate light level monitoring in mixed-light source settings
  • Improved user visual experience and reduced backlight energy usage
  • Autonomous operation allows system wake-on-approach
  • Flexible access to sensing configuration
  • High sensitivity infrared photodiode
  • 1-, 2-, or 3- independently controlled infrared LED drivers
  • Integrated ambient light photodiode
  • I²C control interface with interrupt
  • 2x2mm QFN-10 package
  • Handsets
  • E-Readers
  • Netbooks
  • Web tablets
  • Portable consumer electronics
  • Office equipment
  • Toys
  • Industrial equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Smoke detectors
  • Point of sale stations
Product Specifications
Part Number
Infrared Range
LED Drivers
>50 cm
Up to 15 cm for gestures
Up to 15 cm for gestures
Block Diagram

Si114x Video: 3 LED Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Solutions

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Silicon Labs QuickSense™ Si1140DK Development Kit

The Silicon Labs Si1140DK Development Kit is an advanced development platform for the Si114x infrared proximity and ambient light sensor . The hardware is controlled by the advanced ultra-low power C8051F800 MCU. The MCU controls a three Ir-LED configuration in combination with the Si1143 sensor. The three Ir-LED configuration allows for advanced 3-axis touchless object proximity and motion sensing. Development of advanced motion and gesture sensing is assisted with the QuickSense Studio development environment. Within the Studio environment is a powerful performance analysis tool that enables real-time reflectivity monitoring.

Silicon Labs IrSlider2EK Touchless Slider Evaluation Kit

The IrSlider2EK QuickSense Si114x Touchless Slider Evaluation Kit is a Silicon Labs infrared touchless slider kit that boasts excellent range, visible LED tracking, and both swipe and set gesture recognition. The USB powered demonstration is controlled by an ultra-low power Silicon Labs C8051F800 MCU and incorporates an Si1142, two infrared LEDs, and eight visible LEDs. The QuickSense Studio development environment supports this unique demonstration board with a powerful performance analysis tool that enables real-time reflectivity monitoring.

Silicon Labs IRMFB Evaluation Kit

Silicon Labs IRMFB Evaluation Kit demonstrates the flexibility and configurability of the Si114x product family, the industry's lowest power, longest range, multi-LED optical sensors. The top side of the IRMFB Evaluation Kit features an Si1143 three irLED "thumbscroll" implementation which allows a user to swipe over the sense array and navigate a 3 mm x 3 mm array of blue LED's. A tap to select gesture is also supported on this thumbscroll demo which blinks the selected LED. The back of the Silicon Labs IRMFB Evaluation Kit features a Si1141 single irLED range detection demo capable of sensing distances up to 30 cm for a hand and up to a meter for a torso. The blue LED array on the long range demo progressively lights up as a detectable object moves closer to the sensor. Applications include E-book readers, notebooks/netbooks, consumer electronics, and smoke detectors.

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