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Silicon Labs Si50x CMEMS® Oscillators

Silicon Labs Si50x CMEMS Oscillators

Silicon Labs' Si50x CMEMS® general-purpose oscillators are a perfect fit for low cost, high shock applications. Their single-chip construction provides lower cost, greater reliability, and better aging than traditional crystal oscillators of the same class. They are highly robust against shock and vibration, offer ±20ppm frequency stability guaranteed for 10 years, and are drop-in compatible to traditional XOs in the same class. They are configurable to support any frequency between 32kHz and 100MHz right on customers' desktops with the Si50X-FPB1-CUST field programming kit, or from the factory in less than two weeks.

Si50x CMEMS Oscillators

CMEMS general-purpose oscillators provide lower cost, greater reliability, and better aging than traditional crystal oscillators of the same class. Their single-chip architecture resolves fundamental manufacturing challenges through a patented technology and process that integrate the MEMS resonator directly on top of the CMOS die, creating a fully-integrated, monolithic IC solution. This low-cost, high-volume foundry technology, coupled with standard assembly and exacting quality standards make the Si50x oscillators cost effective, easy to configure with 10-years of guaranteed performance across temperature, and drop-in compatible to traditional XO footprints.

  • Wide frequency range: 32kHz to 100MHz
  • Si501 single frequency w/ OE
  • Si502 dual frequency w/ OE/FS
  • Si503 quad frequency w/ FS
  • ±20/30/50 ppm frequency stability including 10-year aging
  • LVCMOS output
  • Low period jitter
  • Low power
  • Continuous supply voltage range: +1.71V to +3.63V
  • User selectable tRise/tFall options
  • Glitchless start and stop
  • Excellent short-term stability, longterm aging
  • Industry standard footprints: 2x2.5, 2.5x3.2, 3.2x5 mm
  • RoHS compliant, Pb-free
  • -20 to +70 °C: Extnd commercial
  • -40 to +85 °C: Industrial

  • Storage (SATA/SAS/PCIe)
  • General purpose processors
  • Industrial controllers
  • Embedded controllers
  • Motor control
  • Flow control
  • Office/Home automation
  • IP cameras/surveillance
  • Display and control panels
  • Outdoor electronics
  • Multi-function printers
  • Office equipment

Block Diagram
Block Diagram

Si50x CMEMS Field Programmer Board Si50x-FPB1-CUST

The CMEMS field programmer kit creates custom samples instantly with any supported frequency or product configuration. The kit provides an instant orderable part number and data sheet addendum with the OPN, device configuration, date created, and user name for easy record keeping. The kit will program all Si501 family members and will accommodate future Silicon Labs CMEMS parts. The Field Programming kit includes the Si501-2-3-4 field programmer board, a USB Type B retractable cable, five Si501-PROG-BAX blank parts, five Si501-PROG-CAX blank parts, and five Si501-PROG-DAX blank parts.

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Datasheet User's Guide
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Si50x CMEMS Oscillator Evaluation Kit Si501-2-3-4-EVB

The Si50x CMEMS Oscillator Evaluation Kit provides a tool to ease Si50x MEMS oscillator evaluation and application development. The evaluation kit features a pre-programmed Si504 device and open sockets in each package size for customer evaluation and includes the Si501-2-3-4 Evaluation Board and a USB Type A retractable cable.
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Additional Resources
Datasheet User's Guide
Software Download

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