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Silicon Labs C8051F85x / 86x 8-bit Flash MCUs

Silicon Labs C8051F85x / 86x 8-bit Flash MCUs

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Silicon Labs C8051F85x and C805186x 8-bit Flash microcontrollers are highly integrated AEC-Q100 (automotive) qualified MCUs featuring a highly-efficient enhanced 8051 pipelined architecture. These Silicon labs MCUs offer 2 to 8kB Flash, 256/512b RAM, and a 12-bit multi-channel analog to digital converter (ADC). C8051F85x and C8051F86x operate over an extended temperature range (up to 125°C) and include a host of communication peripherals (SMBus/I2C, SPI, UART). This Silicon Labs MCU family also supports three independently configurable enhanced resolution PWM channels and has built-in hardware kill/safe state capability for overcurrent protection and fault detection. C8051F85x and C8051F86x MCUs are an ideal fit for low-memory, low-pin count applications.

  • 25MIPS 8051 core
  • 2 to 8kB flash
  • 512/256 Byte RAM options
  • 12-bit 200ksps, multi-channel ADC
  • Integrated 24.5MHz (±2% accuracy) oscillator
  • Integrated 80kHz low frequency oscillator
  • Up to 18 GPIO's, 5 V tolerant
  • 2 analog comparators
  • Precision voltage reference
  • 3 PWM channels
  • SMBus/I²C, UART and SPI
  • 4 16-bit timers
  • Independent watchdog timer
  • Power-on reset
  • Brown-out reset
  • On-chip debug
  • 2.2 to 3.6V input supply
  • -40 to 85 °C and -40 to 125 °C operating range
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Brushless dc motor
  • Electric tools
  • Small appliances
  • Battery chargers
  • Optical transceiver modules
  • FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) networks
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Lighting systems
  • Motor control
  • Set-top boxes
  • Stepper motor
  • Projectors
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Silicon Labs C8051F850 MCU Development Kit

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C8051F850 MCU Development Kit
Silicon Labs C8051F850 MCU Development Kit is the easiest way to begin development with the C8051F85x/6x AEC-Q100 qualified, low-cost microcontroller family. This comprehensive development kit is designed to give customers an out-of-box experience and comes with everything developers need to evaluate hardware and develop code. Other available development tools include a C8051F850 ToolStick Daughter Card and C8051F850 USB ToolStick Starter Kit.

  • C8051F850 MCU Board
  • Wall mounted universal power supply
  • USB debug adapter
  • USB cable
  • C8051F850 Development Kit Quick Start Guide
  • Development Kit CD
Reference Design

Silicon Labs C8051F850 Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Reference Design demonstrates the capabilities of the C8051F850 for operating BLDC motors.

The reference design supports 3-phase BLDC motors that meet with the following specifications:
  • Trapezoidal back-EMF
  • Up to 24V DC voltage
  • 24 kHz PWM frequency
  • Maximum average current of 10A
  • Maximum speed of 200000 RPM or lower for a 2-pole BLDC motor
  • Overcurrent detection capability - stops motor when average current exceeds 10A
  • Motor Stall detect capability - stops motor when detecting motor has stalled or under extreme load
  • Tachometer Frequency Generator (FG) output signal

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