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C8051F70x Microcontroller Family

The Silicon Labs C8051F70x microcontroller (MCU) family meets designers' demands for Capacitive Touch Sense features and best-in-class performance in a single MCU. This high performance Silicon Labs device performs a wide range of mixed-signal functions and includes a high-speed 8051 Core, Capacitive Touch Sense with 16-bit capacitance-to-Digital Converter, superior noise immunity, fast 40µs acquisition time, and digital peripherals that include up to 39 port I/O with high sink current. The C8051F70x MCU family is robust and reliable with noise immune architecture with best-in-class SNR. This Silicon Labs device offers a simple GUI and API library that make implementation fast and easy.

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  • High-speed pipelined 8051-compatible microcontroller core (up to 25 MIPS)
  • In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface (on-chip)
  • 10-bit 500 ksps Single-ended ADC with 16-channel analog multiplexer and integrated temperature sensor
  • Precision calibrated 24.5 MHz internal oscillator
  • 16Kb of on-chip Flash memory
  • 512 bytes of on-chip RAM
  • SMBus/I2C, Enhanced UART, and Enhanced SPI serial interfaces implemented in hardware
  • Four general-purpose 16-bit timers
  • Capacitive Sense interface with 32 input channels
  • Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA) with three capture/compare modules
  • On-chip internal voltage reference
  • On-chip Watchdog timer
  • On-chip Power-On Reset and Supply Monitor
  • On-chip Voltage Comparator
  • 54 general purpose I/O


  • Instrumentation panels
  • Touch panels
  • Industrial interface
  • Security
  • Residential HVAC
  • Home appliances
  • Toys
  • Keyboards
  • Fax/printer/scanner front panels

The Silicon Labs C8051F70x microcontroller (MCU) family is part of the QuickSense™ Family of Human Interface Solutions. To learn more about Silicon Labs QuickSense Solutions please visit our QuickSense page.

Development Kit: C8051F700DK

The C8051F700DK Development Kit contains everything needed to develop applications with the C8051F700, F701, F702, F703, F704, F705, F706, F707, F708, F709, F710, F711, F712, F713, F714 and F715 MCUs.

The C8051F700DK Development Kit includes:

  • IDE and Product Information CD-ROM
  • Third Party Tools and Documentation CD
  • Target/Prototyping PCB (C8051F700TB)
  • Wall mounted universal power supply
  • USB debug adapter
  • USB cable
A host PC is required to run the development kit software and communicate with the debug adapter. The PC must meet the following system requirements:
  • Windows 2000 or later
  • One USB port
The development kit supports the following debug features:
  • Run, halt and single-step
  • Set hardware breakpoints
  • Inspect/Modify memory and registers
  • Download program memory

Keyboard Evaluation Kit: KEYBOARDEK

The Keyboard Evaluation Kit introduces Silicon Labs new Capacitive Sense technology demonstrated with touch sense buttons, wheel and slider. The evaluation platform uses the new C8051F70x/71x high-pin count MCU device family.

The KEYBOARDEK contains the following items:

  • Keyboard-EB
  • ToolStick Base Adapter
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Human Interface CD ROM
  • Firmware API Library
  • Keyboard EK Quick Start Guide

The Human Interface CD includes the new Silicon Labs Human Interface Studio. The Human Interface Studio GUI will assist in the evaluation of the capacitive sense technology and show you how to get buttons, wheels, and sliders working in your own products in minutes.

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