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Sharp Microelectronics

Sharp Microelectronics is a world leader in memory ICs, regulators, and optoelectronics.Sharp Microelectronics' parts and products pack the most performance into the smallest dimensions. The components, component packaging, and integration skills Sharp Microelectronics developed help thousands of design engineers bring their own ambitious ideas to market.Visit the Sharp Microelectronics page
 Tiger Zenigata Color Tunable LEDs Tiger Zenigata Color Tunable LEDs
12/10/2013 -
Fully adjustable cool-white to warm-light color tunable LEDs.
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 Memory LCD 1.35" Display Module - EXPANSION Memory LCD 1.35" Display Module - EXPANSION
05/12/2011 -
Pixel density of 96 × 96, Silver Reflective PNLC Memory LCD Module, with zebra connector.
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 Memory LCD Display Module Memory LCD Display Module
03/02/2011 -
Higher-contrast, higher-resolution, denser content than same-sized LCDs.
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 1.35-inch PNLC Memory LCDs 1.35-inch PNLC Memory LCDs
12/08/2010 -
Smooth moving graphics, low power.
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