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Lumileds LUXEON® H High Voltage LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON® H High Voltage LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON® H High Voltage LEDs deliver superior lumen density, color performance, and reliability in a high voltage LED-on-board architecture. LUXEON H is the ideal solution for space-constrained and cost-sensitive retrofit bulbs and luminaire applications as it minimizes system cost and space requirements through an L2 solution and simpler driver. In addition to enabling the smallest system, it also delivers a crisp, single shadow and beam and eliminates the need for active cooling in standard form factors. With exceptional color stability over temperature and current, LUXEON H simplifies design while providing superior quality of light.

Value Proposition
The most efficient, high-voltage LED enabling lower system cost

  • High efficacy for sustainable design
  • Designed for the demanding compact retrofit bulb market
  • Small enough to fit pin and candle sockets
  • Delivers Freedom From CCT Binning™ (3 SDCM)--single flux bin
    and single Vf bin
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR® lumen maintenance requirements
  • 150 to 700+ lumens under a single dome enabling uniform/directional beam and crisp shadows
  • Low thermal resistance of 2.8K/W makes reliable high power design possible with a compact footprint
  • Availability of 50V, 100V, and 200V provides system design flexibility
  • Drop in assembly for bulbs with <30mm diameter
  • Enables simplified small size solutions with compact, low cost driver
  • Provides compact source with single dome for directional
    lighting designs
  • Ensures exceptional color stability over temperature and current
  • LUXEON quality and reliability
  • Complete optical, electrical, and mechanical design resources help
    get to market faster

Part Number Nominal
Min Luminous
Typ Luminous
LXV8-PW27-0014 2700K 40mA 82 300lm 320lm 96V 98V 95lm/W
LXV8-PW27-0024 2700K 20mA 82 300lm 320lm 192V 196V 95lm/W
LXV8-PW30-0014 3000K 40mA 85 320lm 340lm 96V 98V 101lm/W
LXV8-PW30-0024 3000K 20mA 85 320lm 340lm 192V 196V 101lm/W
LXV8-PW40-0014 4000K 40mA 85 340lm 360lm 96V 98V 106lm/W
LXV8-PW40-0024 4000K 20mA 85 340lm 360lm 192V 196V 106lm/W

Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics, Junction Temperature = 85ºC

LXV8-PW27 (2700K)

LXV8-PW27 Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics
LXV8-PW30 (3000K)

LXV8-PW30 Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics
LXV8-PW40 (4000K)

LXV8-PW40 Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics
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