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Lumileds LUXEON® S2000/3000/5000 High Flux Density LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON® S2000/3000/5000 High Flux Density LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON® S2000/3000/5000 High Flux Density LEDs

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Lumileds LUXEON® S2000/3000/5000 High Flux Density LEDs deliver the highest quality of light with industry leading punch for high center beam intensity and uniformity. The tight beams of light enable crisp, sharp shadows making these LEDs ideally suited to retail and hospitality applications like spot lamps. Flux density is maximized with small optical sources to enable the most compact reflectors and narrow beam spots. The unparalleled quality of light is in part due to Freedom from Binning™. This means that all LUXEON S2000/3000/5000 emitters fall within a single 3-step MacAdam Ellipse, ensuring uniform optical performance in the application. And because LUXEON S is hot-tested at 85ºC real world operating conditions, luminaire design is simplified and testing can be minimized.

  • High flux density with compact light emitting source, enables narrow beam angles at compact footprint
  • <15-20 points color over angle shift and tight CCT control enable uniform and consistent system color point
  • Single 3-step MacAdam, single Vf, and single flux binning eliminate bin management
  • UL-rated on-board connector enables easy integration
  • On-board NTC chip allows real time temp monitoring
  • Elegant solderless electric and clamping assembly
  • Hot-tested at real world operating temp: Tj = 85ºC
  • High efficacy for sustainable design
Part Number Color Temperature Luminous Flux CRI Forward Voltage
LXS8-PW30-0017 3000K 2800lm 80 47V
LXS8-PW30-0024 3000K 4000lm 80 67.5V
LXS8-PW30-0041 3000K 6750lm 80 115V
LXS9-PW30-0017 3000K 2200lm 90 47V
LXS9-PW30-0024 3000K 3300lm 90 67.5V
LXS9-PW30-0041 3000K 5400lm 90 115V

Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics, Junction Temperature = 85ºC & Test Current = 700mA

Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics (click for full view)
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