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Lumileds Mid-Power LEDs

Lumileds Mid-Power LEDs

Lumileds Mid-Power LED Family covers a broad range of CCT, CRI options and different form factors. With the introduction of the LUXEON 3014, 3020, and 3030 2D series, Lumileds now offers a complete selection of LEDs to cover all the major lighting applications. Customers now have more choices than ever of leading mid-power LEDs from Lumileds.


  • 140 lm/W, 4000K, 80 CRI, 30mA
  • 33 lm at 100mA max drive current for superior value
  • 1/9th micro color binning enables tight color control
  • Lumen package of 10-12 lm (30mA) delivering uniform smooth lighting
  • Industry standard footprint offering compatibility with existing designs

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  • Hot targeted at 85°C
  • High lumen output and compact 3020 footprint
  • 1/9th micro color binning enables tight color control
  • Assures ANSI compliance at operating condition
  • EMC plastic and QFN package for superior thermal properties and reliability

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  • 125 lm/W 2700K, 80 CRI, 120mA
  • 133 lm/W 4000K, 80 CRI, 120mA
  • 160 lumens 6500K, 80 CRI @ 240mA max drive current
  • Industry standard package enables quick design
  • 1/9th micro color binning enables tight color control

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  • ANSI compliant 1/6th color binning
  • Compact 3535, 3535L, or 3535 2D package
  • Full range of CCTs and minimum CRI configurations for design flexibility
  • High efficacy for sustainable design: 118-141lm/W @ 100mA
  • Min 70, 80, and 90 CRI guaranteed for both indoor and outdoor applications

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  • 1/6 ANSI color bin
  • Efficacy up to 150 lm/W @ 30mA
  • Unique phosphor technology enables high efficacy
  • Rectangular package design increases uniformity
  • Superior heat dissipation enables cost effective thermal design

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  • Widely-adopted 5630 form factor
  • High efficacy for sustainable design: 110lm/W @ 100mA
  • Full range of CCTs - 2700K to 6500K
  • Minimum 80 CRI guaranteed for quality indoor lighting
  • Enables efficient system design with uniformed light

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