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NXP OM1369 ARM LPC800 Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution
NXP OM1369 ARM LPC800 Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution

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NXP ARM LPC800 Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution

NXP ARM LPC800 Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution adapts the standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack found on most iOS or Android smart devices into a self-powered data port and provides a universal interface for external sensors, switches, and other external devices. This flexible solution gives both consumer and industrial product designers a simple, plug-and-go way to get data into an endless variety of control, monitoring, data collection, maintenance, medical, and entertainment applications. The Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution includes a small PCB with an NXP LPC812 microcontroller, an energy harvesting IC, a miniature joystick, and an expansion header.

LPC812 is an ARM Cortex M0+ MCU that manages the data transport, encoding/decoding data using the Manchester algorithm to be exchanged over the audio channels. The board's expansion header makes it easy to connect myriad sensors (such as temperature, humidity, wind, heart rate, and accelerometer), switches (lights and power), HMI devices (keyboards and game controllers) or other devices that collect or log data from a variety of sources.

An energy harvesting circuit utilizes the right audio channel to draw power from the smart device to power the Quick-Jack board and attached sensors. The onboard joystick can be used to demonstrate a UI implementation, with results displayed by an application on the connected smartphone or tablet. The supplied example App for Android phones and iPhone displays joystick position and temperature and can turn devices on the Quick-Jack board on and off.

  • Fully contained solution kit including everything needed to get started:
    • Circuit board based on an LPC812 MCU
    • Header for connecting external debug probe, enabling code development
    • Energy harvesting design draws power from smartphone audio signals
    • I/O devices: joystick, thermometer, and LEDs
    • 3.5mm male stereo plus microphone audio jack
    • Expansion connector for attaching external sensor/switch/HMI devices
    • Downloadable free Apps for both iOS and Android, source code included
    • Battery (optional)
    • Cloud-based tracking of sensor data
    • External input devices to smartphone
    • Wearable health monitors
    • Personal exercise trackers
    • Handheld weather stations
    • Handheld inventory monitors
    • Handheld/portable POS devices
    • Universal remote controls

Functional Diagram

Functional Diagram
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