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NXP PCF8883 / PCF8885 Ultra-Low Power Capacitive Proximity Switches
NXP PCF8883 / PCF8885 Ultra-Low Power Capacitive Proximity Switches

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NXP PCF8883 / PCF8885 Ultra-Low Power Capacitive Proximity Switches

NXP PCF8883 / PCF8885 ultra-low power capacitive proximity switches use a proprietary digital method to detect changes in capacitance on a remote sensing plate. NXP PCF8883 and PCF8885 proximity switches use auto-calibration to detect changes in static capacitances. PCF8885 is an 8-channel switch with all eight channels operating independently of each other.

PCF8883 Features
  • Dynamic proximity switch
  • Digital processing method
  • Adjustable sensitivity, can be made very high
  • Adjustable response time
  • Wide input capacitance range (10pF to 60pF)
  • Automatic calibration
  • A large distance (several meters) between the sensing plate and the IC is possible
  • Open-drain output (P-type MOSFET, external load between pin and ground)
  • Designed for battery powered applications (IDD = 3μA, typical)
  • Output configurable as push-button, toggle, or pulse
  • Wide voltage operating range (VDD = 3V to 9V)
  • Large temperature operating range (Tamb = −40°C to +85°C)
  • Internal voltage regulator
  • Available in SOIC8 and wafer level chip-size package

PCF8883 Applications
  • Proximity detection
  • Proximity sensing in:
    • Mobile phones
    • Portable entertainment units
  • Switch for medical applications
  • Switch for use in explosive environments
  • Vandal proof switches
  • Transportation
PCF8885 Features
  • Dynamic proximity switch with 8 sensor channels
  • Support for matrix arrangement of sensors
  • Sensing plates can be connected remotely
  • Adjustable response time
  • Adjustable sensitivity
    • Continuous auto-calibration
    • Digital processing method
  • Direct and latching switch modes
  • I²C Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) compatible interface
    • Two I²C-bus addresses
    • Cascading of two ICs possible
    • Interrupt signaling over I2C-bus
  • Large voltage operating range (VDD = 2.5 V to 5.5 V)
  • Sleep mode (IDD < 100 nA)
  • Low-power battery operation possible (IDD ~ 10 µA)
  • Operating temperature range (Tamb = −40 °C to +85 °C)

PCF8885 Applications
  • Replacing mechanical switches
  • Hermetically sealed keys on a keyboard
  • Switches for medical applications
  • Switches for use in explosive environments
  • Audio control: on/off, channel, volume
  • Sliders and wheel-switches
  • Vandal proof switches
  • Switches in or under the upholstery, leather, handles, mats, carpets, tiles and glass
  • Switches for home automation
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