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NXP OM13320 I2C Fm+ Development Kit

NXP OM13320 I2C Fm+ Development Kit

NXP's OM13320 I2C Fm+ Development Kit is intended for several different tasks; from a hands-on introduction, understanding, and use of the I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Bus, to I2C device evaluation, and as a simple product demonstration platform. The kit has a core Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly, and three add-on PCBs. Other PCBs are available for advanced use or to support newly released I2C components as they are introduced to the market. The Fm+ Development Kit (OM13320) is supported by a Graphics User Interface (GUI) software program that runs on a Personal Computer (PC) under the Microsoft Windows 7 Operation System. In some uses the GUI is not required, and the Fm+ Development Kit (OM13320) can be run as a standalone demonstration, requiring only an external power adapter (not included).

I2C Masters
  • Self-contained PCB with two independent I2C Buses
  • Bus 1: On card I2C MCU Master (NXP LPC1343)
  • Bus 2: NXP LPC Xpresso MCU module (not included), and NXP PCA9665 Bus Controller
  • USB Interface to on card MCU (for connection to a PC running the GUI software)
I2C Slaves
  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO): PCA9672 (one each on Bus1 and Bus2)
  • LED driver, with 16 constant current outputs: PCA9955 (with four RGB and four White LEDs on Bus1)
Accessory Sockets
  • Connectors for up to four daughter cards, each providing power, Bus1 and Bus2 I2C signals
  • Connector for the Bus Buffer Board OM13398 (supplied) containing two PCA9617A Bus Buffers
  • Connector for a third party I2C Bus logger or I2C Bus controller (Beagle and Aardvark, from Total Phase)
I2C Buses
  • I2C Bus Voltage; jumper select 5V (external) or 3.3V (on card 3.3V regulator)
  • I2C Bus Pull up Resistors; jumper select of ‘high’ ‘med’ or ‘low’ loading
Other Features
  • SPI Ports; One for on card MCU, two more for LPC Xpresso
  • Serial Com Port; EIA232 with voltage level shifter and connection to the LPC Xpresso
  • LED Blinker; NXP PCA9901 one-wire with on card LED
  • INT (Interrupt) and RST (Reset) Bus signal monitor LEDs (buffered)
  • Logic Probe; Utility LEDs (buffered) to monitor signals by user jumper wire connection
  • External DC input (6V DC maximum)
  • Prototype Area; Uncommitted 8x8 100mil pitch tie points for end user component attachment
  • Test Points and Ground; for probe attachment to major signals
  • Connection of both I2C Buses together (supplied 2-wire jumper)
  • NXP Semiconductors