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NXP LPC4078 / LPC4088 Cortex™-M4 MCUs

NXP's LPC408x/7x ARM Cortex-M4 MCU is a digital signal controller for embedded applications requiring a high level of integration and low power dissipation. The ARM Cortex-M4 is a next generation core that offers system enhancements such as low power consumption, enhanced debug features, and a high level of support block integration. The LPC408x/7x adds a specialized flash memory accelerator to accomplish optimal performance when executing code from flash. The peripheral complement of the LPC408x/7x includes up to 512kB of flash program memory, up to 96kB of SRAM data memory, up to 4032 byte of EEPROM data memory, External Memory controller (EMC), LCD, Ethernet, USB Device/Host/OTG, an SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI), a General Purpose DMA controller, five UARTs, three SSP controllers, three I²C-bus interfaces, a Quadrature Encoder Interface, four general purpose timers, two general purpose PWMs with six outputs each and one motor control PWM, an ultra-low power RTC with separate battery supply and event recorder, a windowed watchdog timer, a CRC calculation engine and up to 165 general purpose I/O pins. The analog peripherals include one eight-channel 12-bit ADC, two analog comparators, and a DAC.

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  • Functional replacement for LPC23xx/24xx and LPC178x/7x family devices
  • ARM Cortex-M4 processor, running at frequencies of up to 120MHz
  • 512kB on-chip flash program memory with In-System Programming (ISP) and In-Application Programming (IAP) capabilities
  • Up to 96kB on-chip SRAM
  • Up to 4032 byte on-chip EEPROM
  • LCD controller, supporting both Super-Twisted Nematic (STN) and Thin-Film Transistors (TFT) displays
  • External Memory Controller (EMC) provides support for asynchronous static memory devices such as RAM, ROM and flash, as well as dynamic memories such as single data rate SDRAM
  • Eight channel General Purpose DMA controller (GPDMA) on the AHB multilayer matrix that can be used with the SSP, I²S, UART, CRC engine, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converter peripherals, timer match signals, GPIO, and for memory-to-memory transfers
  • Quad SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI)
  • Ethernet MAC with MII/RMII interface and associated DMA controller
  • USB 2.0 full-speed dual port device/host/OTG controller
  • Five UARTs with fractional baud rate generation, internal FIFO, DMA support, and RS-485/EIA-485 support
  • Three SSP controllers with FIFO and multi-protocol capabilities
  • Three enhanced I²C-bus interfaces
  • I²S (Inter-IC Sound) interface for digital audio input or output
  • CAN controller with two channels
  • SD/MMC memory card interface
  • Up to 165 General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins
  • Two external interrupt inputs configurable as edge/level sensitive
  • Four general purpose timers/counters
  • Quadrature encoder interface
  • Two standard PWM/timer blocks

  • One motor control PWM
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC) with a separate power domain
  • Event Recorder that can capture the clock value when an event occurs on any of three inputs
  • Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT)
  • CRC Engine block can calculate a CRC on supplied data using one of three standard polynomials
  • 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • 10-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Four reduced power modes: Sleep, Deep-sleep, Power-down, and Deep power-down
  • Brownout detect with separate threshold for interrupt and forced reset
  • On-chip Power-On Reset (POR)
  • On-chip crystal oscillator with an operating range of 1MHz to 25MHz
  • 12MHz Internal RC oscillator (IRC)
  • Unique device serial number for identification purposes
  • Single 3.3V power supply (2.4V to 3.6V)
  • Temperature range of 40ºC to 85ºC
  • Available as LQFP208, TFBGA208, TFBGA180, LQFP144, and LQFP80 package

  • Communications
    • Point-of-sale terminals, web servers, multi-protocol bridges
  • Industrial/Medical
    • Automation controllers, application control, robotics control, HVAC, PLC, inverters, circuit breakers, medical scanning, security monitoring, motor drive, video intercom
  • Consumer/Appliance
    • Audio, MP3 decoders, alarm systems, displays, printers, scanners, small appliances, fitness equipment
  • Automotive
    • After-market, car alarms, GPS/fleet monitors

Part Number

EMC bus
Width (bit)




LPC4088FBD208,551 LQFP-208 512 96 4032 32 Yes Yes H/O/D 5
LPC4088FET208,551 TFBGA-208 512 96 4032 32 Yes Yes H/O/D 5
LPC4078FET208,551 TFBGA-208 512 96 4032 32 No Yes H/O/D 5
LPC4078FBD208,551 LQFP-208 512 96 4032 32 No Yes H/O/D 5

OM13029,598 Evaluation board for LPC4088 Microcontrollers
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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