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NXP MM9Z1_638 Intelligent Battery Sensor

NXP MM9Z1_638 Intelligent Battery Sensor

NXP MM9Z1_638 Intelligent Battery Sensor is a fully integrated intelligent battery monitoring system with msCAN and LIN that supports precise current measurement via an external shunt resistor. It features four voltage measurements via internal calibrated resistor dividers or external dividers. It includes an internal temperature sensor, allowing close proximity battery temperature measurements, plus five external temperature sensor inputs. These sensors feature the LIN 2.2 protocol and physical interface, as well as an msCAN protocol controller, for interfacing to automotive buses. The MM9Z1_638 is able to supply and control external CAN interfaces.

  • Based on the NXP S12Z microcontroller with 96 or 128 KBytes Flash, 8.0 KBytes RAM, 4.0 KBytes EEPROM
  • Wide range battery current measurement; On-chip temperature measurement
  • Four battery voltage measurements with internal resistor dividers, and up to five direct voltage measurements for use with an external resistor divider
  • Measurement synchronization between voltage channels and current channels
  • Five external temperature sensor inputs with internal supply for external sensors
  • Low-power modes with low-current operation
  • Multiple wake-up sources: LIN, timer, high-voltage input, external CAN interface, and current threshold and integration
  • Precision internal oscillator and connections for external crystal

Application Drawing
Application Drawing
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