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    NKK FT Series 5-Wire, 4-Wire, and Digital Resistive Touch Screens

    NKK FT Series 5-wire, 4-wire, and digital resistive touch screens are engineered to complement the application of choice while offering superior durability and flexibility. NKK FT transparent touch screens include options in multiple sizes and choices of input by finger, gloved finger, or stylus. Whether an application requires the 5-wire or 4-wire technology, the features include metal tails (analog), contact reliability with a connector, and ANR film, eliminating many of the typical visual artifacts. The film surface is non-glare and hard coated for ease of use and integrity of the surface. NKK 5-wire touch screens feature additional benefits, including a quicker response time, greater touch point density for higher precision and reduction of false actuations, and drift-free operation despite any temperature fluctuation.

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    5-Wire Product Brief
    4-Wire Product Brief
    Digital Touch Screen Touch Screen
    • Wide Range of Available Sizes
    • Custom Solutions a Specialty
    • Digital and Analog Solutions
    • Controllers Available
    • Anti-Newton Ring (ANR) Technology
    • Design Minimizes Visual Artifacts
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Information Kiosks
    • Industrial Automation
    • Banking, Exchange Management Systems
    • Broadcast
    • Office Automation
    • Medical Equipment
    • Hand-held Devices
    FT Series Product Specifications
    Part Number
    Touch Screen Type
    Screen Size in Inches
    Key Area Dimensions
    Viewing Area Dimensions
    External Dimensions
    Panel Thickness
    Analog 4-Wire
    4.54" x 3.40" (115.2mm x 86.4mm)
    4.76" x 3.61" (121.0mm x 91.6mm)
    5.16" x 3.98" (131.0mm x 101.0mm)
    .055" (1.4mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 6.5
    5.20" x 3.90" (132.0mm x 99.0mm)
    5.43" x 4.13" (138.0mm x 105.0mm)
    5.91" x 4.57" (150.0mm x 116.0mm)
    .055" (1.4mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 8.4
    6.73" x 5.10" (170.9mm x 129.6mm)
    6.95" x 5.33" (176.5mm x 135.4mm)
    7.34" x 5.69" (186.5mm x 144.4mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 10.4
    8.32" x 6.24" (211.2mm x 158.4mm)
    8.47" x 6.39" (215.0mm x 162.4mm)
    8.88" x 6.75" (225.6mm x 171.4mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 10.4
    8.35" x 6.28" (212.2mm x 159.4mm)
    8.52" x 6.43" (216.4mm x 163.4mm)
    8.92" x 7.21" (226.5mm x 183.0mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 12.1
    9.72" x 7.30" (246.76mm x 185.32mm)
    10.04" x 7.53" (255.0mm x 191.32mm)
    10.67" x 8.07" (271.0mm x 205.0mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 12.1
    9.69" x 7.26" (246.0mm x 184.5mm)
    9.84" x 7.42" (250.0mm x 188.5mm)
    10.28" x 7.80" (261.0mm x 198.0mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 4-Wire 15.0
    12.05" x 9.06" (306.1mm x 230.1mm)
    12.21" x 9.25" (310.0mm x 235.0mm)
    12.91" x 9.84" (328.0mm x 250.0mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 5-Wire
    8.5" x 6.45" (215.9mm x 163.9mm)
    8.66" x 6.61" (219.9mm x 167.9mm)
    9.31" x 7.22" (236.5mm x 183.3mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 5-Wire
    12.1 9.8" x 7.37" (249.0mm x 187.2mm)
    9.94" x 7.50" (252.4mm x 190.6mm)
    10.52" x 8.1" (267.1mm x 205.8mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    Analog 5-Wire
    15.0 12.05" x 9.06" (306.1mm x 230.1mm)
    12.19" x 9.19" (309.5mm x 233.5mm)
    12.79" x 9.79" (324.8mm x 248.7mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)
    4.54" x 3.9" (115.2mm x 86.04mm)
    4.80" x 3.62" (122.0mm x 92.0mm)
    5.51" x 4.45" (140.0mm x 113.0mm)
    .083" (2.1mm)

    Touch Screen Controller Board Specifications
    Part Number
    Touch Screen Type
    Communication Protocol
    Analog 4-Wire
    Analog 4-Wire
    Analog 5-Wire
    Analog 5-Wire

    • High Quality and Reliability
    • Easy Integration Replacing Mouse Functionality
    • Compatible with Control Board USB/RS232C
    • Device Driver Compatible with Vista and Windows XP Operating Systems

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    FTCSU564 Touch Screen Controller Specifications

    NKK FTCSU564 IC is for use with the 5- and 4-wire transparent touch screens and is available for those who prefer to design their own controller boards. When the screen is touched, it recognizes the position of the touch by the level of analog voltage detected by the A/D. The A/D converter receives the value and sends a set of coordinate values as serial data or USB.

    • Interface USB and RS232C
    • High Speed and Accuracy
    • Built-in Calibration Function
    • Data Function Removal Built in to Eliminate Noise
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