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Murata DMD / DME Series EDLC Supercapacitors

Murata DMD and DME Series EDLC Supercapacitors feature low-resistance and high capacitance in a thin package. Utilizing the phenomenon of storing charge in an electrical double layer (electrical double-layer capacitors) rather than traditional dielectric layers, the DMD and DME supercapacitors deliver high voltage with very low equivalent series resistance (ESR) over a wide temperature range. Because these EDLCs offer much higher energy storage and power density, they are ideal for applications requiring burst or pulse loads, such as LED flash, audio circuits, and power amplifiers, as well as battery assist in Smart Meters and POS, and for high power back-up for SSD (solid state drives).

Unlike a ceramic or aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the EDLCs (or supercapacitors) offer energy storage with high power density characteristics up to 1,000 times greater. Suitable for use with large current or high power for backup or peak power, nominal capacitance is measured at 100mA. Read more technical information...

Murata's high performance EDLCs are small and slim, single or double cell, and tested to -30ºC to 70ºC with little capacitance change. Read more about product performance and characteristics...

The trend towards small, well-designed, and feature-rich electronic devices is driving innovations across teh whole electronics industry. Murata's EDLCs are the result of recent advances in capacitor technology. Learn more from the audio/visual tutorial...

Part Number
Rated Voltage
Leakage Current
(tolerance ± 20%)
Dimensions (mm)
DME2U5R5L354M3BTA0 Double
10µA 60 +/- 10mohm 350mF 20.5 18.5
DME2D2R7F704M2BTA0 Single 2.75V
10µA 30 +/- 10mohm 700mF 20.5 18.5 1.3
DMD2W4R2L354M3BTA0 Double
4.2V 10µA 60 +/- 10mohm 350mF 20.5 18.5 3
DMD2E2R1F704M2BTA0  Single
2.1V 10µA 30 +/- 10mohm 700mF 20.5 18.5 1.4
  • Small, slim, robust package suitable for portable devices
  • Ultra low ESR
  • Single and double cell packages available
  • Excellent low temperature characteristics
  • Maintenance free operation - exceeding 100k cycles
  • High peak pulse output; may be used for load leveling
  • Peak Power Assist for LED flash
  • Peak Power Assist for audio circuits
  • Peak Power Assist for power amplifiers
  • Battery assist in Smart Meters and POS
  • High power back-up for SSD (solid state drives)
  • DMD capacitors will achieve 5 years life at maximum of 40ºC
  • Ultra-thin package - 20.5mm x 18.5mm x 1.5mm -
    single cell
  • High capacitance value - 700mF - single cell & 350mF - double cell
  • Constant rated voltage 2.1V - rated peak voltage 2.75V, 30mΩ - single cell
  • Flexible discharge 500µAh-2As
  • Operating temperature of -30º C to +70º C
  • Leakage current max 10uA
  • Murata Electronics