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CERALOCK® Ceramic Resonators

Murata 's CERALOCK® Ceramic Resonators are characterized by a built-in load capacitor , thereby eliminating the need for an external load capacitor . The space savings realized, along with a small package and low profile, provides high-density mounting. CERALOCK Resonators are available in a wide range of MHz and kHz chip types in tight and standard frequencies for automotive and general usage . In SMD and leaded, Murata 's CERALOCK Ceramic Resonators cover a range of applications including high speed USB, full speed USB, small, low-profile cards, high-precision automotive network, and other automotive uses.

Murata 's CERALOCK resonators are made of high stability piezoelectric ceramics that function as a mechanical resonator and reference signal generator with the frequency primarily adjusted by the size and thickness of the ceramic element. CERALOCK can be used as the timing element in most microprocessor based equipment.

Murata CERALOCK Ceramic Resonators

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Featured CERALOCK® Series
Part Numbering System

1 - Product ID: CS=Ceramic Resonators
2 - Frequency/Capacitance: T=MHz Built-in Capacitance
3 - Structure/Size: CC=Cap Chip Type, CR/CE/CG=Small-cap Chip Type, CW=Small Monolithic Chip Type
4 - Nominal Center Frequency: Expressed by four-digit alphanumerics. The unit is in hertz (Hz) and the decimal point is expressed by capital letter "M".
5 - Design Code: G=Thickness Shear mode, T/V=Thickness Expander mode, X=Thickness Expander mode (3rd overtone)
6 - Initial Frequency Tolerance Code: 5=±0.5%, 3=±0.3%, 2=±0.2%, 1=±0.1%, H=±0.07%, K=0.025/0.02%
7 - Load Capacity Code: 1=3/5/6pf, 2=10pF, 3=15pF, 4=22pF, 5=30/33/39pF, 6=47pF
8 - Individual Specification Code: ***=three-digit alphanumerics express individual specifications. With standard products, this is omitted, and packaging is carried up.
9 - Packaging Code: -B0=bulk, -A0=Radial Taping H0=18mm, -R0=Plastic Taping Ø=180mm, -R1=Plastic Taping Ø=330mm.

CSTCW Series
20.01 - 70 MHz

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Used for general consumer applications, full speed USB, and small, low-profile cards and offers tight and standard tolerances.
CSTCG Series
20.00 - 33.86 MHz

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Super small, used for small, low-profile card applications, standard tolerances.

CSTCE Series
8.00 - 20 MHz

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Used for general consumer applications and high speed USB in tight and standard tolerances. In addition, tight frequency, high accuracy, and extended temperature ranges available for automotive functions.

CSTCR Series
4.00 - 7.99 MHz

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Used for general consumer applications, full speed USB, and automotive functions.

CSTCC Series
2.00 - 3.99 MHz

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Used for general consumer applications as well as automotive functions.

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