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Murata Type VK Wi-Fi™ 802.11b/g W-LAN Module

Murata Type VK Wi-Fi™ 802.11b/g W-LAN Module is based on the Texas Instruments CC3000 chipset supporting the IEEE802.11 b/g standard for WiFi connectivity. The unique benefit provided to the customer is an essentially host-less module in terms of the wireless LAN driver, supplicant, and firmware, which all reside on-module. The Murata Type VK Wi-Fi™ 802.11b/g W-LAN Module can quickly and easily interface to low MIP microcontrollers. It is pre-integrated with several Texas Instruments low power and low cost microcontrollers beginning with the MSP430 and Stellaris families. The Murata Type VK Wi-Fi™ 802.11b/g W-LAN Module is intended for broad market use by incorporating peripheral hardware functions on-module to simplify customer implementation.

  • Operates with low cost microcontrollers
  • On-module driver/firmware
  • Integrates WLAN function
  • Module components:
    • TI CC3000 SoC - WLAN baseband and RF converter
    • Clock sources - Fast Clock and Slow Clock are integrated
    • Front End Module - A combination of PA and a switch
    • Band Pass Filter - Filters out of band noise and interference
    • EEPROM - A non volatile memory
    • Power FET switch - minimizing leakage current in shutdown mode; switching mode power source provides 3.3V supply
      for CC3000 from either battery or MCU board
    • Level Shifter - Supporting 1.8V and 3.3V Host Interface
  • Seamless integration with several Texas Instruments MSP430
    and Stellaris processors
  • SPI host interface for WLAN

  • Home appliances
  • Sensors / meters / displays
  • Fitness equipment
  • Typical WLAN transmit power:
    • +19.5dBm at 11Mbps, CCK (11b)
    • +15.0dBm at 54Mbps, OFDM (11g)
  • Typical WLAN sensitivity:
    • T.B.D at 8% PER, 11Mbps
    • T.B.D at 10% PER, 54Mbps
  • Module size: 16.5 x 11.5 x 2.2mm
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b, g, compliant
  • FCC, IC, CE certification on EM Board
    daughter card
  • RoHS compliance

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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