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Murata DMF Series EDLC

Murata DMT / DMF Series Supercapacitors

Murata Supercapacitors offer much higher energy storage and power density than any existing conventional capacitor technology.  These features make Murata's Supercapacitors ideal for applications requiring burst or pulse loads like LED flash, audio circuits, and power amplifiers. They are also ideal for smart meters or backup application for SSD.

Murata DMT Series

Murata DMT Series Double-Layer Supercapacitors are high temperature EDLCs that offer long-term reliability of five years at 70ºC and wide operating temperature range from -40ºC to +85ºC. The DMT Series from Murata has 4.2 voltage (constant) and 220mF or 470mF capacitance, in addition to low ESR, low leakage current, and compact and slim design. As the newest addition to Murata's DMT product line that delivers much higher energy storage and power density than any existing conventional capacitor technology, the highly reliable DMT Series exhibits a long life cycle exceeding 100k cycles.

Additional Resources
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Product Overview
Supercapacitor Technical Guide
Supercapacitor Technical Note

  • Long-term reliability of five years at 70ºC
  • Wide operation temperature range from -30ºC to +85ºC
  • Low ESR: 130mΩ
  • Compact and slim: 21.0mm x 14.0mm x 3.5mm
  • High power output and high energy: 4.2V (constant)
  • Low leakage current: Typical leakage less than 5µA @ 96 hours
  • Long cycle life: exceeding 100k cycles
  • UL certified

  • Leveling the high peak load up to hundreds of milli-seconds
    - Extend battery run time and cycle life
    - Enable the use of low power battery or reduction of the number of series connections
  • Quick Charge and Discharge of High Energy
    - Secure power line from large load change & power down
    - Secure battery power down at lower temperatures
    - Shorten the standby time
  • Maintenance-free energy storage device

  • Peak power assist
    - Smart meters (telecommunication system, valve operation, etc.)
  • Backup applications
    - SSD, UPS, last gasp applications, tracking systems, fuel cells, primary cell equipment, power tools
  • Battery peak load leveling
    - Point of sale equipment, smart meters, GPS/GPRS, tablet PCs, audio
  • Energy harvesting systems
    - Micro and macro energy harvesting systems

Murata DMF Series

Murata DMF Series Supercapacitors delivers high capacitance and low ESR in a small, slim package. The DMF series from Murata measure 2.5mm and 3.2mm in thickness, with capacitance of 470mF and 1000mF and maximum working voltage of 5.5V. This supercapacitor offers 40 - 60mOhms ESR and stable temperature characteristics, enabling it to be charged and discharged frequently over the operating range of -30ºC to +70ºC. The DMF supercapacitors have the highest power density levels available in the industry, making them ideal for use as an auxiliary power source in LED flash units, digital cameras, and cell phones. Combining the DMF capacitor with various power devices provides a life cycle of 100,000 cycles or more and enables it to be used as a maintenance-free power storage element.

Application Notes
Auxilary Power Supply For Peak Power
Primary Battery Load Leveling
Secondary Battery Load Leveling
High Power Backup
Electrical Double Layer Capacitors Characteristics FAQ
Characteristics FAQ 2

Configurations and Material FAQ

  • ESR: 40-60mΩ
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C - +70°C
  • Compact and slim size
  • Long cycle life exceeding 100k cycles
    - Maintenance-free energy device with flexible charge/discharge profiles
  • ESR change -30ºC < twice the nominal ESR
  • UL certified

  • Leveling the high peak load up to the hundreds of milli-seconds
    - Extends battery run time
    - Enables the use of lower power battery or reduction in number of series connections
    - Enables the use of high peak load apps without high power battery
  • Quick charge and discharge of high energy
    - Secures power line from large load changes and power down
    - Secures battery power down at lower temps
    - Shortens standby time

  • Peak power assist
    - LED flash, motors, E-paper, cellular phones, PA assist, audio
  • Backup applications
    - Solid state drivers, UPS
    - Last gasp applications
  • Energy harvesting
    - Micro and macro energy harvesting
  • Battery Peak Load Leveling
    - Point of sales equipment, smart meters, tablet PC, fuel cells, audio, GPS/GPRS tracking systems, primary cell equipment, power tools

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