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Mide Technology

Mide Technology is an engineering company that delivers technology products that utilize the unique properties of smart materials such as piezoelectrics, hydrogels and shape memory alloys for the aerospace, marine, automotive, research, and manufacturing industries. Applications for the Company’s products include defense/aerospace, industrial instrumentation, transportation, process controls and factory automation.Visit the Mide Technology page
 QuickPack / PowerAct Piezoelectric Devices QuickPack / PowerAct Piezoelectric Devices
04/12/2013 -
Packages piezoelectric materials in a protective skin with pre-attached electrical leads, producing a highly reliable component with no soldered wires.
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 Slam Stick™ Vibration Data Logger Slam Stick™ Vibration Data Logger
04/03/2013 -
High speed ultra portable rechargeable data logger capable of measuring acceleration in all three axes.
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 Volture™ Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters Volture™ Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
04/03/2013 -
Convert otherwise wasted energy from mechanical vibrations into useable electrical energy.
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 EHE004 Energy Harvesting Power Conditioning Circuit EHE004 Energy Harvesting Power Conditioning Circuit
04/03/2013 -
Converts the AC output from a piezoelectric energy harvester to a regulated DC output.
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