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Micrel MIC943x0 Ripple Blocker™ ICs
Micrel MIC943x0 Ripple Blocker™ ICs

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Microchip/Micrel MIC943x0 Ripple Blocker™ ICs

Microchip/Micrel MIC943x0 Ripple Blocker™ ICs are designed to provide more efficient noise suppression for today's highly sensitive data and image capturing systems. MIC94300 integrated load switch integrates a low-R DS(ON) current-limit switch and a low-pass filter that passes DC and blocks the AC component of the input voltage. MIC94310 is a high-performance, low dropout regulator that offers better PSRR performance from DC to 5MHz than discrete solutions. Both ICs feature an active-high enable pin for power sequencing. MIC94300 and the MIC94310 devices deliver up to 200mA and both ICs offer full current and thermal fault condition protection. This Micrel IC family is ideal for some of the most demanding portable applications, including smart phones, medical imaging, tablets/notebooks/webcams, digital still and video cameras, and more.

  • Ripple Blocker (MIC94300/MIC94310) attenuates ripple voltage in any power supply design.
    • 80dB of PSRR at 1kHz
    • 60dB of PSRR at 5MHz
  • Enables clean system power to increase overall system performance.
    • Higher RF transmission signal strength
    • Increases dynamic signal integrity
  • Saves space and cost when implementing feature-rich system solutions.
    • Over 63% smaller solution than discrete alternatives
    • 0.88mm x 0.88mm 4 bump, WLCSP
  • Medical imaging
  • Tablet/PC/notebook computers
  • Webcams, digital still and video cameras
  • Security and surveillance cameras
  • Videoconferencing
  • Bar code scanners
  • Smartphone cameras and RF power
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Automotive and industrial
Typical Application Diagrams
Typical Applications
Understanding Ripple Blocker
Micrel's Ripple Blocker Technology
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