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Luminus Devices sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LED

Luminus Devices sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LED

Luminus Devices sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LEDs are designed specifically for printing and other line curing applications. They provide maximum UV energy, superior performance, and long-term reliability while also improving workplace safety by eliminating harmful substances such as ozone and mercury that are byproducts of UV mercury lamp use. The UV Slim was designed as an LED light source for a specific application, rather than forcing the application to adapt to the light source. Designed with graphic arts printing in mind, the UV Slim combines all of the traditional advantages of Luminus' Big Chip LED™ technology, including improved thermal power density, simple optics, and greater efficiency. This new packaging form factor makes it possible to create a tight linear array that packs at three times the density of a regular CBT-102-UV chip, and also allows the UV Slim LED to be placed further from the substrate needing curing. The new LED package has been designed to deliver more efficiency than traditional curing methods, which ultimately lowers production costs and offers the longer life and higher brightness that is typical of LED performance.

Luminus' photonic lattice technology enables large area LED chips to emit photons uniformly over the entire LED chip surface. The intense optical power density produced by these UV Big Chip LEDs facilitate designs which replace arc and halogen lamps where arrays of traditional high power LEDs cannot. For UV devices, Luminus engineers the photonic lattice to maximize light extraction and to emit with a Lambertian far-field distribution pattern. The design maximizes efficiency and allows for flexible optical designs. With a thermal resistance from junction to heat sink of 0.7ºC/W, Luminus sCBT-120-UV LEDs have the lowest thermal resistance of any LED on the market. This allows the LED to be driven at higher current densities while maintaining a low junction temperature, thereby resulting in brighter solutions and longer lifetimes.

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  • Over 13.3W of optical power from 382nm to 392nm
  • High thermal conductivity package; junction to heat
    sink thermal resistance of 0.82ºC/W
  • Photonic lattice technology for very high power density
    and uniform emission
  • Large, monolithic chip with surface emitting area of
    12mm², 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Low-profile window for efficient coupling into
    small-etendue systems
  • High radiometric efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly: RoHS compliant, mercury-free
  • Variable drive currents: less than 1A through 30A
  • Line curing: inks, coatings, adhesives
  • Inspection
  • Machine vision
  • Fiber-coupled illumination
  • Specialty projection systems for maskless
    lithography: optically matched to TI 0.95"DMD
  • Rapid prototyping and 3D printing
  • Medical and scientific instrumentation
Thermal Resistance
Thermal Resistance

Mechanical Dimensions in mm
Mechanical Dimensions

  • Luminus Devices
  • Industrial|Lighting|Medical
  • Optoelectronics|LEDs