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Luminus Devices

Luminus Devices, Inc. develops and markets solid-state lighting solutions (SSL) to help customers migrate from conventional lamp technologies to long-life and energy-efficient LED illumination. Luminus offers a comprehensive range of LED solutions for indoor and outdoor illumination markets as well as high-output specialty lighting solutions for performance-driven markets including consumer displays, entertainment lighting, medical and industrial applications.Visit the Luminus Devices page
 Luminus CBT-90 Color LEDs Luminus CBT-90 Color LEDs
08/07/2015 -
Red, Green and Blue emitters in chip-on-board packages with very high lumen output.
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 CBM-120-UV Mosaic Array Series Chip On Board LEDs CBM-120-UV Mosaic Array Series Chip On Board LEDs
07/20/2015 -
Uniform brightness over the entire chip surface and can be used to replace arc and halogen lamps.
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 XNOVA Cube™ Mid-Power LEDs XNOVA Cube™ Mid-Power LEDs
06/19/2015 -
Lighting class solutions designed for high performance general lighting applications.
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05/14/2015 -
Emits photons uniformly over the entire LED chip surface and provide intense optical power densities.
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 XNOVA Mid-Power White LEDs XNOVA Mid-Power White LEDs
07/22/2014 -
State-of-the-art LEDs allow illumination engineers and designers to develop lighting solutions with maximum efficacy, brightness and overall quality.
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 XNova Chip-on-Board COB LEDs XNova Chip-on-Board COB LEDs
04/07/2014 -
A complete lighting class solution designed for high performance illumination applications.
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 CBT-140-W Round LED Modules CBT-140-W Round LED Modules
03/27/2013 -
Perfect solution for circular aperture applications and feature monolithic chip technology.
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 CBT-90 UV Big Chip LEDs™ CBT-90 UV Big Chip LEDs™
12/06/2012 -
Provide UV light in CBT-90 Big Chip LED™ package, providing solutions both high in power & efficiency.
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 Big Chip LEDs™ Family Big Chip LEDs™ Family
11/30/2012 -
Including white, color, color mix, & UV LEDs for demanding applications that require max lumen density, efficiency, & reliability.
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 sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LED sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LED
10/19/2012 -
For curing applications, w/ slim package for tight linear arrays & further placement from substrate needing curing.
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 SST-90 Series White Big Chip LEDs™ SST-90 Series White Big Chip LEDs™
08/13/2012 -
Offering maximum light output & efficacy, photonic lattice technology, uniform brightness, & low thermal resistance.
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 CBT-90 Big Chip White LEDs™ CBT-90 Big Chip White LEDs™
08/03/2012 -
Featuring photonic lattice technology w/ uniform brightness, low thermal resistance, & longer lifetimes.
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 CBT-120-UV Ultraviolet LEDs CBT-120-UV Ultraviolet LEDs
03/22/2012 -
Featuring photonic lattice technology, high thermal conductivity, & high radiometric efficiency in large, monolithic chip.
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 SBT-90 White Big Chip LEDs™ SBT-90 White Big Chip LEDs™
03/01/2012 -
Large, monolithic chips, w/ 9mm² uniform emitting area, extremely high optical output, & high thermal conductivity.
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 SBT16 Big Chip LEDs™ SBT16 Big Chip LEDs™
12/28/2011 -
Innovative solid-state light sources deliver high screen brightness & replace arc lamps in projection systems.
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