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Luminus Devices

Luminus Devices is a global leader in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic devices, assemblies, and densely populated circuit board designs. Luminus Devices products range from light pipes, discrete LEDs, mounts and holders, to PCB packaging and assemblies.Visit the Luminus Devices page
 Luminus CBT-90 Color LEDs Luminus CBT-90 Color LEDs
08/07/2015 -
Red, Green and Blue emitters in chip-on-board packages with very high lumen output.
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 CBM-120-UV Mosaic Array Series Chip On Board LEDs CBM-120-UV Mosaic Array Series Chip On Board LEDs
07/20/2015 -
Uniform brightness over the entire chip surface and can be used to replace arc and halogen lamps.
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 XNOVA Cube™ Mid-Power LEDs XNOVA Cube™ Mid-Power LEDs
06/19/2015 -
Lighting class solutions designed for high performance general lighting applications.
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05/14/2015 -
Emits photons uniformly over the entire LED chip surface and provide intense optical power densities.
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 XNOVA Mid-Power White LEDs XNOVA Mid-Power White LEDs
07/22/2014 -
State-of-the-art LEDs allow illumination engineers and designers to develop lighting solutions with maximum efficacy, brightness and overall quality.
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 XNova Chip-on-Board COB LEDs XNova Chip-on-Board COB LEDs
04/07/2014 -
A complete lighting class solution designed for high performance illumination applications.
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 CBT-140 Big Chip Round LED Modules CBT-140 Big Chip Round LED Modules
03/27/2013 -
Perfect solution for applications defined by circular aperture, featuring photonic lattice technology & low thermal resistance.
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 CBT-90 UV Big Chip LEDs™ CBT-90 UV Big Chip LEDs™
12/06/2012 -
Provide UV light in CBT-90 Big Chip LED™ package, providing solutions both high in power & efficiency.
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 Big Chip LEDs™ Family Big Chip LEDs™ Family
11/30/2012 -
Including white, color, color mix, & UV LEDs for demanding applications that require max lumen density, efficiency, & reliability.
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 sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LED sCBT-120-UV Slim UV LED
10/19/2012 -
For curing applications, w/ slim package for tight linear arrays & further placement from substrate needing curing.
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 SST-90 Series White Big Chip LEDs™ SST-90 Series White Big Chip LEDs™
08/13/2012 -
Offering maximum light output & efficacy, photonic lattice technology, uniform brightness, & low thermal resistance.
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 CBT-90 Big Chip White LEDs™ CBT-90 Big Chip White LEDs™
08/03/2012 -
Featuring photonic lattice technology w/ uniform brightness, low thermal resistance, & longer lifetimes.
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 CBT-120-UV Ultraviolet LEDs CBT-120-UV Ultraviolet LEDs
03/22/2012 -
Featuring photonic lattice technology, high thermal conductivity, & high radiometric efficiency in large, monolithic chip.
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 SBT-90 White Big Chip LEDs™ SBT-90 White Big Chip LEDs™
03/01/2012 -
Large, monolithic chips, w/ 9mm² uniform emitting area, extremely high optical output, & high thermal conductivity.
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 SBT16 Big Chip LEDs™ SBT16 Big Chip LEDs™
12/28/2011 -
Innovative solid-state light sources deliver high screen brightness & replace arc lamps in projection systems.
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