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Kemet T521 Series High Voltage Polymer Capacitor

KEMET T521 Series KO-CAP® Organic Polymer Capacitor features voltage ratings up to 63V and capacitance values up to 330µF, high ripple current capability, safe failure mode, and low ESR. The KEMET T521 Series High Voltage Polymer Capacitor is volumetrically efficient, has stable temperature characteristics, is Pb Free when ordered with 100% Sn Termination Finish, RoHS compliant, and halogen free.

This series is designed for DC/DC converters, power supply input and higher application voltages such as 12V, 24V, 28V, and 48V input rails.

The T521 KO-CAP Series features a Ta anode and TaO dielectric as well as a conductive organic polymer that replaces the traditionally used MnO₂ as the cathode plate of the capacitor. This results in very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequency.

Product Features
    • High Voltage (16V - 63V)
    • Up to 330uF capacitance value
    • High ripple current capability
    • Volumetrically efficient
    • Safe failure mode
    • Low ESR
    • Stable temperature characteristics
    • Pb Free#/RoHS Compliant & Halogen Free
    #when ordered with 100% Sn Termination Finish
    • DC/DC converters
    • Power supply input
    • High application voltages
      • 12V input rails
      • 24V input rails
      • 28V input rails
      • 48V input rails

Item Performance Characteristics
Operating Temperature
-55ºC to 125ºC
Rated Capacitance Range
15uF - 330uF @ 120 Hz/25ºC
Capacitance Tolerance
M Tolerance (20%)
Rated Voltage Range
16V - 63V
Coming Soon! 75V
Dissipation Factor (DF)
≤ 10%
ESR (100KHz)
Refer to Part Number Electrical Specification Table
Leakage Current
≤ 0.1CV (µA) at Rated Voltage after 5 minutes
105ºC @ rated voltage, 2000 Hrs.
125ºC @ 2/3 Rated Voltage,
2000 Hrs.
Within -20/+10
of initial value
DF ≤ Initial Limit
DCL IL @ 105ºC, 2x IL @ 125ºC
ESR 2x Initial Limit
60C, 90%RH, 500Hr, No Load
ΔC/C Within -5%/+35%
of initial value
DF ≤ Initial Limit
DCL Within 3.0 x initial limit
Temperature Stability
Extreme temperature exposure at a succession of continuous steps at +25C, -55 C, +25 C, +85 C, +125 C, +25 C. +25ºC -55ºC +85ºC +125ºC
+/-20% +/-20% +/-30%
IL 1.2 x IL
1.5 x IL
n/a 10 x IL
10 x IL
Surge Voltage
105C, 1.32x Rated Voltage
1000 cycles
ΔC/C Within -20/+1-
of initial value
DF Within initial limits
DCL Within initial limits
ESR Within initial limits


T521 Features
Part NumberCapacitanceVoltage RatingESRTolerance

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