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International Rectifier

International Rectifier (IR) is a pioneer and world leader in advanced power management technology, from digital, analog and mixed-signal ICs to advanced circuit devices, power systems and components. The world's leading manufacturers of computers, appliances, automobiles, consumer electronics and defense systems rely on International Rectifier technology to drive the performance and efficiency of their products.Visit the International Rectifier page
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 IRS44273L MOSFET Gate Drivers IRS44273L MOSFET Gate Drivers
04/02/2014 -
Offer 1.5A sink and source capability, fast switching performance and integrated under-voltage lockout protection.
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03/17/2014 -
Delivers benchmark power density for discrete DC-DC converters.
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 IRS2983S LEDrivIR™ IRS2983S LEDrivIR™
03/10/2014 -
Fully integrated, fully protected SMPS control IC designed to drive Flyback converter LED drivers.
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 Small PowIR MOSFETs Small PowIR MOSFETs
01/10/2014 -
Improved efficiency, extended battery life and reduced system size.
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01/10/2014 -
Integrates digital, analog and power technologies together in a flexible, mixed signal chipset.
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 IR1169 Advanced SmartRectifier Control IC IR1169 Advanced SmartRectifier Control IC
12/23/2013 -
SYNC function that turns off the SR MOSFET to prevent reverse current flow under CCM operation, thereby improving functionality and reliability.
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11/05/2013 -
Designed for 10-30A non-isolated DC-DC synchronous buck converters, in a single PQFN package.
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 IRS2505L Boost PFC Control IC IRS2505L Boost PFC Control IC
10/03/2013 -
World's first offline AC-DC PFC Boost IC that operates in critical-conduction mode.
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 IRSM836 Integrated Power Module IRSM836 Integrated Power Module
09/25/2013 -
Compact, advanced 3-phase appliance motor driver for energy efficient fans and pumps.
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 Automotive COOLiRFET™ Power MOSFETs Automotive COOLiRFET™ Power MOSFETs
09/12/2013 -
Specifically designed for Automotive applications.
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 IR432x Audio Amplifiers and Evaluation Boards IR432x Audio Amplifiers and Evaluation Boards
08/06/2013 -
Class D PowIRaudio™ ICs and supporting reference design boards.
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 Ultrafast 600V Trench IGBTs - EXPANSION Ultrafast 600V Trench IGBTs - EXPANSION
05/14/2013 -
Rugged, reliable IGBTs for UPS, solar, industrial motor and welding applications.
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 AUIRS20302S Automotive Qualified Three-Phase Gate Driver IC AUIRS20302S Automotive Qualified Three-Phase Gate Driver IC
04/12/2013 -
Designed for 12V, 24V and 48V vehicle applications.
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 IR355x PowIRstage™ Buck Gate Drivers IR355x PowIRstage™ Buck Gate Drivers
03/12/2013 -
Integrates a synchronous buck gate driver, benchmark figure-of-merit control, and synchronous MOSFETs and Schottky diode into a low profile package.
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 IRFx4137/4868 300V Power MOSFETs IRFx4137/4868 300V Power MOSFETs
02/20/2013 -
Ultra-low RDS(on) to improve system efficiency and reduce part count where multiple MOSFETs are used in parallel.
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 IRAUDAMP7 Audio Amps Reference Design IRAUDAMP7 Audio Amps Reference Design
01/24/2013 -
Class D audio Amp Reference Designs feature the IRS2092 protected digital audio driver.
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 IR256xx 600V HVICs IR256xx 600V HVICs
01/23/2013 -
General purpose High-Voltage ICs designed for high reliability and ruggedness in consumer applications.
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 PowIRaudio™ Integrated Power Modules PowIRaudio™ Integrated Power Modules
01/14/2013 -
Highly efficient, compact solution reduces component count, shrinks PCB size, & simplifies Class D amplifier design.
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 Ultrabook™ Vcore Solutions Ultrabook™ Vcore Solutions
12/21/2012 -
Industry’s smallest solutions that meet Intel’s VR12.6 specifications for 15W/25W Ultrabook™ laptop computers that significantly extend battery life.
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 StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFETs StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFETs
12/12/2012 -
Ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications.
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 IR389x Synchronous Buck Regulators IR389x Synchronous Buck Regulators
11/20/2012 -
Designed to address the new requirements of emerging energy efficient netcom, server and storage applications.
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 AUIRGDC0250 1200V Soft Switching IGBT AUIRGDC0250 1200V Soft Switching IGBT
11/02/2012 -
Automotive-qualified IGBT optimized for soft switching applications
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 IRAMX16UP60A Series Integrated Power Module IRAMX16UP60A Series Integrated Power Module
10/09/2012 -
Plug N Drive technology offers an extremely compact, high performance AC motor-driver in a single isolated package for a very simple design.
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 200-250V HEXFET® Power MOSFETs 200-250V HEXFET® Power MOSFETs
09/27/2012 -
Extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications.
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09/27/2012 -
High density applications requiring small size, high efficiency and improved thermal conduction.
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