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Infineon ISOFACE™ 8-Channel Isolated High-Side Drivers

Speed, Efficiency, Protection, Galvanic Isolation

The Infineon ISOFACE™ Coreless Transformer 8-Channel Isolated High-Side Driver family of devices are fully protected multi-channel high-side power switches providing galvanic isolation for digital output interfaces. The ISOFACE ISO1H8xxG isolated 8-channel high-side driver is intended for driving any kind of resistive, inductive, or capacitive load, addressing the exact requirements in industrial automation systems, such as Programmable Logic Controllers, Distributed Control Systems, and Industrial PCs. With complete system integration of the digital interface, coreless transformer and power stage, these Infineon ICs can be directly connected between the microcontroller and independent power loads. The Infineon ISOFACE ISO1H8xxG eliminates the need for external drivers and optocouplers. Also, fully protected high-side switches with diagnostic output for over temperature makes the ISOFACE an extremely rugged device.

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Key Features / Advantages Over Optocouplers
  • Complete system integration (digital, isolation, and power)
  • No degradation over time and temperature compared to optocouplers
  • Faster switching / Lower propagation delay time vs. optocouplers
  • 150°C Operating Junction Temperature
  • Parallel / Serial µC interface
  • High level of protection features (e.g. UVLO, Overload, Over-voltage, reverse battery, over temperature, etc.)
  • Diagnostic Output
Typical Applications
  • Isolated Power Switch for industrial applications (PLC)
  • All types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • µC compatible power switch
  • Drivers for solenoid, relays and resistive loads
ISOFACE in a Typical Application

Coreless Transformer Principle

  • Infineon Technologies
  • Power Management
  • Power|Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits|IC-Power Management|Transistors (FETs, Bipolars & IGBTs)