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Infineon Generation 5 SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

Infineon Generation 5 SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

Infineon's Generation 5 SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes deliver market leading efficiency at an attractive cost point. Infineon’s proprietary diffusion soldering process, already introduced with Generation 3, is now combined with a new, more compact design as well as latest advancements in thin wafer technology, bringing improved thermal characteristics and lower Figures of Merit (Qc x Vf). These 5th Generation SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes implement a thinning process which allows reducing the wafer thickness by almost 2/3rds while maintaining the proven quality and yield levels. Typical applications include high-end server and telecom SMPS, PC Silverbox and lighting applications, solar inverters and UPS systems.

  • Higher safety margin against overvoltage and complements CoolMOS™ offer
  • Improved effciency over all load conditions
  • Increased effciency compared to Silicon Diode alternatives
  • Reduced EMI compared to snappier Silicon diode reverse recovery waveform
  • Highly stable switching performance
  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • Reduced risks of thermal runaway
  • RoHS compliant
  • Very high quality and high volume manufacturing capability
  • Vbr at 650V
  • Improved Figure of Merit (Qc x Vf)
  • No reverse recovery charge
  • Soft switching reverse recovery waveform

  • Temperature independent switching behavior
  • High operating temperature (Tj max 175°C)
  • Improved surge capability
  • Pb-free lead plating

  • Telecom/Server SMPS
  • Solar
  • UPS
  • PC Silverbox
  • Motor Drives
  • HID Lighting

Part Number




IDH03G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 3.0 A 5.0 nC Datasheet
IDH04G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 4.0 A 7.0 nC Datasheet
IDH05G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 5.0 A 8.0 nC Datasheet
IDH06G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 6.0 A 10.0 nC Datasheet
IDH08G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 8.0 A 13.0 nC Datasheet
IDH09G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 9.0 A 14.0 nC Datasheet
IDH10G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 10.0 A 15.0 nC Datasheet
IDH16G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 16.0 A 23.0 nC Datasheet
IDH20G65C5XKSA1 TO-220-2 650 V 20.0 A 29.0 nC Datasheet
IDW10G65C5FKSA1 TO-247-3 650 V 10.0 A 15.0 nC Datasheet
IDW12G65C5FKSA1 TO-247-3 650 V 12.0 A 18.0 nC Datasheet
IDW16G65C5FKSA1 TO-247-3 650 V 16.0 A 23.0 nC Datasheet
IDW20G65C5FKSA1 TO-247-3 650 V 20.0 A 29.0 nC Datasheet
IDW30G65C5FKSA1 TO-247-3 650 V 30.0 A 42.0 nC Datasheet
IDW40G65C5FKSA1 TO-247-3 650 V 40.0 A 55.0 nC Datasheet
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