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IAR Systems JTAGjet™ ARM/Cortex In-Circuit Debuggers

IAR Systems JTAGjet™ ARM/Cortex
In-Circuit Debuggers

IAR Systems JTAGjet™ ARM/Cortex In-Circuit Debuggers are small, palm-sized in-circuit debuggers for JTAG boundary scan ports. They are each equipped with a USB 2.0 port that runs at 480Mb/sec. Each JTAGjet emulator is bundled with a Chameleon Debugger™, a high-end, full-featured, multi-core debugger that handles single and multi-CPU debugging. Chameleon Debugger features macros for automated board initialization and testing, fly-over variable pop-ups in source window, drag-and-drop between windows, Graphical Event Triggering, and hundreds of other time-saving debug features. One of the unique features of JTAGjet is that it may be used concurrently with other debuggers, offering a complete multi-core debug environment.

Compatible with all major ARM Debuggers
  • ARM Ltd ADS
  • Keil RealView uVision
  • CodeSourcery G++
  • Mentor Graphics EDGE
  • Eclipse with CDT
  • MetroWerks Code Warrior
  • eSOL eBinder
  • TI Code Composer Studio
  • Monta Vista DevRocket
  • GHS Multi
  • Signum Chameleon Debugger
JTAGjet-Trace Features
  • Up to 400Msamples/sec trace acquisition
    (400MHz CPU speed)
  • Supports ARM cores equipped with Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) logic that allows PC and variable tracing in real-time
  • Auto-adjusting timing eliminates problems with data
    and clock skew
  • Available with up to 18MB of trace buffer
  • 56-bit time stamp with CPU cycle accuracy down to 5ns
  • Easy access to all ETM modes, triggers, and trace filtering
  • Small form factor - fits in the palm of your hand
  • Quiet operation - no fans, no external heat sinks
  • Only one connection to target - both JTAG and trace are taken from the 38-pin ETM Mictor, or 20-pin Cortex
    SWD header
  • Includes ETM to JTAG adapter for targets with plain JTAG port
Chameleon Debugger™ Features
  • Non-intrusive ETM & ETB trace display
    and debugging
  • Support for all on-chip breakpoints, triggers,
    and filtering
  • Super fast code downloads
  • Supports GSM, GPRS, and CDMA cell phones based on ARM cores (NXP, Broadcom, Qualcomm, TI, Samsung, ST, etc.)
  • Automatic processor initialization on power-up
    or reset (memory mapping, peripheral setting, MMU, WD disable etc.)
  • Virtual-to-physical address mapping support
    for ARM cores with MMU
  • Embedded Linux debugging without the need
    for Ethernet or serial ports
  • Windows 7, XP, & Vista (32 & 64-bit) compatible
JTAGjet Compatibility

JTAGjet Compatibility
  • IAR Systems
  • Development Tools|Embedded Solutions