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Lineage Power CAR2024FP/ACE204 Series
24V Front End Power Supply and Shelf

GE Energy (Formerly Lineage Power)'s CAR2024FP Series 2000 Watt 24V Front End Power Supply offers a compact 1U profile and output voltage and power optimal for industrial, wireless, base stations, and RF amplifiers. Additional features and benefits of GE Energy (Formerly Lineage Power)'s CAR2024FP Series Front End Power Supply include constant current characteristic, N+1 redundancy, high power density (21W/in³), 3.3VSB, active load sharing, I²C and PMBus digital communication, remote On/Off, and remote sense functions. These supplies provide more space for application circuits and hardware, reduce audible noise, increase reliability, allow flexibility with minimum investment, and reduce logistical costs. The ACE204 Series 24V Front End Power Shelf can accommodate up to 4 CAR2024FP 2000W power modules for a total of 8,000W non-redundant or 6,000W redundant N+1 configurations. Other ACE204 Series design features and benefits include ability to fit in 19" 1U high rack systems;alarms, controls, and indicators; power factor correction; hot swap redundant parallel operation; typical efficiency over 90% (rectifier); and EMI Class B at shelf level. This power rack minimizes installation and maintenance time with easy hot-swap insertion to allow power module exchange under live power operation.

CAR204FP Power Supply
CAR2024FP Power Supply

ACE204 Power Shelf
ACE204 Power Shelf

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CAR2024FP Series Power Supply


  • Compact 1U profile
  • Constant current characteristic
  • High power density (21W/in³)
  • Remote On/Off and remote sense functions


  • More system space for application circuits and hardware
  • Reduces audible noise and increases reliability


  • Amplifier
  • Industrial
  • Wireless

ACE204 Series Power Shelf


  • 6kW Redundant N+1 (8kW Total Power)
  • Fits in 19" 1U high rack systems
  • Alarms, controls, and indicators
  • Typical efficiency over 90% (rectifier)

CAR2024FP Front End Power Supply Specs

SPECIFICATIONS 2,000 Watt +24V Front End Power Supply
Input Voltage Range 180-264VAC, 47-63 Hz, derate to 1200W for 85-180 VAC input
Input current Maximum
12.6A@180VAC/14.3A@100VAC, Full Load (max)
Inrush Current 50A max. cold start(per ETS 300 132-1 and Bellcore specifications
Input Protection Dual Fuse /20 Amp/250 VAC
Power Factor 0.99 (Typical)
Efficiency Up to 90.5% (see efficiency curve)
Output Power 2000W at 28Vout, 1743W@21Vout
Output Voltage Range 21 to 29 VDC with remote programming
Output Current 83A@24Vout/230VAC Operation
Standby Bias Voltage 3.3VSB@1A(Optional 5Vsb)
Voltage Regulation ±2% of Vnom for any combination of line, load and temperature
Output Ripple & Noise 1% (pk-pk)@20MHz with 0.1µF ceramic and 10µF Tantalum caps at the output
Transient Response 5% max deviation Recovery time 300µs@50% load step and di/dt <1A/µs
Hold-Up Time 15ms at full load measured down to 20V with 230Vac
Remote On/Off ON if >3V or open; OFF if < 1V (max. sink 1mA) Open collector type
Current Limit Protection Adjustable via I²C interface or PMBus, Constant current characteristic & power limited to 2000W (230VAC)
Short Circuit Protection Self protected with auto recovery
Over voltage protection Trip level >+31Vdc ±1V, Reset condition by recycling the AC input or applying Remote ON/OFF
Operating Temperature -10°C to +70°C, power derating above 50°C at 2.5%/°C
Over Temperature Protection Non-latching, thermal shutdown point is set for 125°C and recovery point is 110°C
EMI FCC-B & EN55022-B with specified filter or at rack level, GR-1089-CORE
LED Indicators LED indicators to indicate AC OK, DC OK, and other Fault Conditions
Analog Status & Control Voltage Programming (V Prog), Load sharing (I share), Remote On/Off, Current Monitor (I Monitor), AC OK, DC OK, Temperature Warning, Fault, PS Present, Module Enable
Digital Status
& Control
I²C and PMBus, see detailed specification for details
Shock & Vibration NEBS GR-63-CORE Level 3
Dimensions 14.25x4.00 x1.65̋
Safety Approvals IEC/UL/CSA/EN60950-1, CE Mark (LVD)
Options 5VSB Output, Bezel

ACE204 Front End Power Shelf Mechanical Diagram

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