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Freescale Semiconductor MPC8308 PowerQUICC® II Pro Processor

Integrated Communication Processors

The Freescale Semiconductor MPC8308 PowerQUICC® II Pro Processor is a cost-effective, low-power, highly integrated device designed to address the requirements of networking applications such as smart grid home energy gateways, data concentrators, wireless LAN access points, wireless femto base stations, and industrial applications, such as industrial control and factory automation. The Freescale Semiconductor MPC8308 processor extends the PowerQUICC II Pro family by balancing the higher MIPS/MHz performance provided by the e300 core with low power consumption at a very aggressive price. For networking applications, the gigabit Ethernet MACs support connectivity to the wired network while the PCI Express® and SDIO interfaces offer connectivity to wireless LAN or 3G and 4G modem devices. The MPC8308 features integrated IEEE® 1588 version 2 time synchronization offering extremely precise clock synchronization.

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Freescale Semiconductor MPC8308-RDB Reference Platform

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Reference Platform Based on Power Architecture® Technology

The Freescale Semiconductor MPC8308-RDB Reference Platform is ideal for hardware and software development for embedded applications, including consumer printers, wireless access points, industrial control, and factory automation equipment. The Freescale MPC8308-RDB Reference Platform leverages the high-performance capabilities of the low-cost MPC8308 processor and incorporates a pre-installed board support package (BSP) containing a boot loader generic Power Architecture technology system based on the Linux® kernel. The u-boot and Linux kernel reside in the on-board flash memory and launch when the board is powered up. The MPC8308-RDB BSP takes advantage of the Linux Target Image Builder (LTIB), a suite of tools that leverages existing open source configuration scripts and source code packages combining them all into a single BSP generation bundle.

Freescale Semiconductor MPC8308-NSG Networked Smart Gateway

Freescale's Networked Smart gateway (NSG) reference design is based on the cost-effective MPC8308 PowerQUICC II Pro processor and supports a rich mix of capabilities, including energy management and control, home automation, home security and surveillance, as well as voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and HD video streaming. Freescale's MPC8308 processor delivers a superb price/performance blend and the horsepower to run a variety of applications simultaneously. The MPC8308-NSG enables "anytime, anywhere" access and control over an M2M link from any smart hand-held device via its graphical user interface (GUI). The MPC8308-NSG supports home area network (HAN), wireless local area network (WLAN) and wide area network (WAN) connectivity, with an integrated MPC13226 ZigBee® radio for HAN connectivity to smart meters as well as smart plugs and appliances, an integrated 802.11n 2x2 Wi-Fi® module that delivers over 300 Mbps of WLAN performance, and support for broadband WAN connectivity via either cable, DSL or LTE/3G.

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Freescale Semiconductor MPC830x-TLCD Graphical LCD Module

The Freescale MPC830x-TLCD Graphical LCD Module provides an easy way for designers to add an LCD interface to their TWR-MPC830x designs. It features a color 240 x 320 TFT LCD Display plus a 12-point capacitive touch keypad and attaches directly to the TWR- MPC830x main processor board. It features 18-color LCD with resistive touch screen, 12-point capacitive touch keypad, and is low-profile mounting to support minimal enclosure size. This LCD board is not a Tower System module, but can plug directly into the TWR-MPC8309 module for graphical display functionality.

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MPC8308 Features
  • e300c3 core, built on Power Architecture® technology, up to 400 MHz
  • 16 KB Instruction/16 KB Data cache
  • DDR2 memory controller, 266 MHz data rate
  • Local bus controller
  • x1 PCI Express® interface
  • x2 10/100/1000 MACs, MII, RGMII
  • USB 2.0 host/device
  • eSDHC
  • 2x I²C
  • SPI
  • IEEE® 1588v2 time synchronization
  • < 1.23 Watt at 333 MHz (typical)
  • 473-pin MAPBGA package, 19 mm x 19 mm
MPC8308 Applications
  • Wireless LAN access point
  • Consumer printing
  • Smart metering energy gateway
  • Industrial control
  • Test and measurement
MPC8308 Benefits
  • Low Power Consumption: Optimal performance per watt for its class of processing capability
  • Super-Competitive Price
  • Small Footprint: 19mm x 19mm package ideal for applications with limited board real-estate.
MPC8308-RDB Features
  • MPC8308 PowerQUICC II Pro processor up to 333/266 MHz (CPU/DDR2)
  • 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, supporting RGMII/MII
    Single Gigabit Ethernet PHY (RGMII)
  • PCI Express interconnect
    Mini PCI Express for WLAN
  • Two I²C
  • Dual UART
  • Local bus
    NAND flash/NOR flash memory
  • Single high-speed USB 2.0 supporting host, device or OTG
  • 32-bit DDR2 memory controller with population option for 16-bit
  • eSDHC: Single-port SD/MMC connector
  • IEEE® 1588v2 support for timing synchronization

MPC8308 Processor Block Diagram

MPC8308-RDB Block Diagram

Freescale MPC8308 Processor Overview Video

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