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Freescale MC9S08JS 8-bit Microcontroller

The MC9S08JS16 (JS16) family feature a full-speed 2.0 USB device controller, and integrate a USB transceiver to help customers save cost by eliminating off-chip components. The JS16 is ideal for affordable PC peripherals.

An entry-level 8-bit USB MCU designed for affordable wireless PC peripherals; the MC9S08JS16 (JS16) meets the market demand for cost-effective devices by enabling reduced design time and lower system costs.

The JS16 is software compatible with other devices in the Controller Continuum, providing a direct migration path to higher performing USB microcontrollers.

Freescale offers easy-to-use hardware and software solutions for JS16 devices to get you through the development process quickly and easily.

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  • 48MHz HCS08 Core
  • Integrated full-speed USB 2.0 device controller
  • 16/8KB flash; 512B SRAM; 256Bytes USB RAM
  • 2.7V to 5.5V operation; -40 to 85°C operation
  • ROM based USB Bootloader
  • SCI, SPI; 8-channel KBI
  • 16-bit timers: 1 x 2-channel
  • MTIM: 8-bit timer
  • One hardware CRC module
  • 12 general-purpose I/O and 2 output-only pin
  • Multiple purpose clock generation
  • 24QFN, 20SOIC package options
Target Applications
  • PC peripherals
  • Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Receiver
  • Wireless adapter
  • USB dongle
  • USB e-token/e-key
  • SD card reader
  • RS-232 to USB bridge (legacy serial to USB support)
  • Remote Control
  • Vista Remote Control Receiver
  • UPS


MC9S08JS16/8 Data Sheet (MC9S08JS16.pdf)

Reference Manual for MC9S08JS16 and MC9S08JS8 (MC9S08JS16RM.pdf)

Freescale DEMO9S08JS16

DEMO9S08JS16 is a cost-effective demonstration kit enabling quick MC9S08JS16 evaluation. The kit includes a DEMOJM base board and a DC9S08JS16 daughter card and can be used to demonstrate the features of the MC9S08JS16 device, starting with the on-chip USB 2.0 full-speed device controller and transceiver. Built-in USB-BDM circuitry is available for debugging and programming, serial communication and simple logic analyzer.

  • On-board Logic Analyzer
  • On-board Virtual Serial Port
  • Four (4) asymmetrically positioned 8x2 male connectors for interchangeable daughter cards
  • P&E's Embedded Multilink circuitry populated on the underside


DEMO9S08JS16 Board User Manual (DEMO9S08JS16UM.pdf)

DEMO9S08JS16 Quick Start Guide (DEMO9S08JS16QSG.pdf)

DEMO9S08JS16 LAB (JS16LB.pdf)

DEMO9S08JS16 Schematic (DEMO9S08JS16SCH.pdf)

DEMO9S08JS16 Component Placement (DEMO9S08JS16COMP.pdf)

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