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Freescale MC13224V ZigBee Platform-in-Package

The Freescale MC13224V advanced ZigBee™ compliant Platform-in-Package for the 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 standard incorporates a complete, low power 2.4 GHz radio frequency (RF) transceiver, 32-bit ARM7™ core based MCU, hardware acceleration for both the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC and AES security, and a full set of MCU peripherals. The 99-pin Freescale third-generation ZigBee platform lowers power consumption up to 50% from previous generations and can be used for wireless applications ranging from simple point-to-point connectivity to complete ZigBee mesh networking. The Freescale MC13224V Platform-in-Package includes a 128 KB Flash memory mirrored into a 96 KB RAM for upper stack and applications software.

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  • Low power
  • 128KB Serial FLASH
  • 96 KB RAM (device operates from RAM)
  • 80K ROM containing bootcode, all device drivers and fully compliant IEEE 802.15.4 MAC including beaconing & GTS
  • MAC accelerator (sequencer and DMA interface)
  • AES 128-bit hardware encryption/decryption with random number generator
  • JTAG debug port
  • Nexus extended feature debug port
  • No external RF components required

Application Notes

Compact Integrated Antennas: Designs and Applications for the MC1319x, MC1320x, and MC1321x

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Radio Frequency Module Land Grid Array

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