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Freescale MMA9550/1 Xtrinsic Intelligent
Motion-Sensing Platform

Freescale's Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform is a member of the Xtrinsic family of intelligent sensor platforms. The MMA9550/1 Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform incorporates dedicated accelerometer MEMS transducers, signal conditioning, data conversion, and a 32-bit programmable microcontroller. With this unique blend, it transforms Freescale's Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform into an intelligent, high-precision, motion-sensing platform able to manage multiple sensor inputs. This MMA9550/1 Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform can make system-level decisions required for sophisticated applications such as gesture recognition, pedometer functionality, tilt compensation and calibration, and activity monitoring.

  • Three accelerometer operating ranges:
±2g suits most hand gestures (orientation detection and tit control) and freefall. For tap detection, ±4g and ±8g are supported.
±4g covers most regular human dynamics (walking and jogging)
±8g detects most abrupt activities (gaming)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • One slave SPI or I2C interface operating at up to 2 Mbps, dedicated to communication with host processor. Default value of the I2C, 7-bit address is 0x4C. (This can be customized by firmware.)
  • One master I2C interface operating at up to 400 kbps that can be used to communicate with external sensors
  • Eight selectable output data rates (ODR), from 488 Hz to 3.8 Hz
  • 10, 12, 14, and 16-bit trimmed ADC data formats available
  • 1.8V supply voltage
  • 32-bit ColdFire V1 CPU with MAC unit
  • Extensive set of power-management features and low-power modes
  • Integrated ADC can be used to convert external analog signals
  • Single-Wire, Background-Debug Mode (BDM) pin interface
  • 16-KB flash memory
  • 2-KB Random Access Memory
  • ROM-based flash controller and slave-port, command-line interpreter
  • Two-channel timer with input capture, output capture, or edge-aligned PWM
  • Programmable delay block for scheduling events relative to start of frame
  • 16-bit, modulo timer for scheduling periodic events
  • Minimal external component requirements
  • RoHS compliant (-40 to +85ºC), 16-pin, 3 x 3 x 1-mm LGA package

  • This device can be programmed to provide any of the following:
Orientation detection (portrait/landscape)
High-g/Low-g threshold detection
Pulse detection (single, double and directional tap)
Tilt detection
Auto wake/sleep
Embedded, smart FIFO
Power management

  • Mobile phones/PMP/PDA/digital cameras
Orientation detection (portrait/landscape)
Image stability
Tilt control enabled with higher resolution
Gesture recognition
Tap to control
Auto wake/sleep for low power consumption
  • Smartbooks/ereaders/netbooks/laptops
Freefall detection for hard-disk drives
Orientation detection
Tap detection
  • Pedometers
  • Gaming and toys
  • Activity monitoring in medical applications
  • Security
Shock detection
  • Fleet monitoring, tracking
Dead reckoning
System auto-wake on movement
Shock recording
  • Power tools and small appliances
Safety shut-off
Part Number Package Key


MMA9550LR1 LGA-16 Motion Sensing 6.5kB
576 bytes
MMA9551LR1 LGA-16 Gesture Sensing 4.5kB
452 bytes

KITMMA9550LEVM Evaluation tool for the MMA9550L Smart Sensing Platform
KITMMA9551LEVM Evaluation tool for the MMA9551L Smart Sensing Platform
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