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Freescale TWR-LCDC-EPSON Epson Display Controller Module

Freescale TWR-LCDC-EPSON Epson
Display Controller Module

Freescale's TWR-LCDC-EPSON Epson Display Controller Tower System Module allows design engineers to add displays to their design. This peripheral module enables communication with RGB panels and is designed for use with Tower System MCU/MPU modules that do not include on-board embedded LCD display controllers. Simply assemble it within your Tower System and the TWR-LCD-RGB graphical display module and your application is now display-enabled. If your Tower System MCU/MPU module(s) of choice already include an embedded LCD controller on-board, no problem. The TWR-LCDC-EPSON module can also be used to enable a second screen.

  • Epson S1D13513 display controller
  • On-board SDRAM
  • Interfaces with a Tower System controller module via the parallel external memory interface (EBI)
  • Interfaces directly with the TWR-LCD-RGB
  • Optional interfaces for externally connected RGB or LVDS display panels
  • Selectable SPI and I²C pass-thru interfaces for LCD/touch configurations
  • PEG support drivers
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