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Freescale MCZ3390x System Basis Chip - Gen 2

Freescale MCZ33903 System Basis Chip - Gen 2

The Freescale MCZ33903 System Basic Chip are devices in the second generation family of System Basis Chips (SBC). It combines several features and enhanced module designs. The device works as an advanced power management unit for the MCU and additional integrated circuits such as sensors and CAN transceivers. It has a built-in enhanced high-speed CAN interface (ISO11898-2 and -5), with local and bus failure diagnostics, protection and fail-safe operation mode. The SBC may include zero, one or two LIN 2.1 interfaces with LIN output pin switches. Typical applications include body controller, gateway, seat & door module, lighting control module, column module, HVAC, trailer, seat belt pretensioner, electrical parking brake, fuel pump, water pump, glow plug, and low end engine management.

  • Voltage regulator for MCU, 5.0 V or 3.3 V, part number selectable, with possibility of usage external PNP to extend current capability and share power dissipation
  • Voltage, current and temperature protection
  • Extremely low quiescent current in low power modes
  • Fully-protected embedded 5.0 V regulator for the CAN driver
  • Multiple under-voltage detections to address various MCU specifications and system operation modes (i.e. cranking)
  • Auxiliary 5.0 V or 3.3 V SPI configurable regulator, for additional ICs, with over-current detection and under-voltage protection
  • MUX output pin for device internal analog signal monitoring and power supply monitoring
  • Advanced SPI, MCU, ECU power supply and critical pins diagnostics and monitoring.
  • Multiple wake-up sources in low-power modes: CAN or LIN bus, I/O transition, automatic timer, SPI message and VDD over-current detection.
  • ISO11898-5 high-speed CAN interface compatibility for baud rates of 40 kb/s to 1.0 Mb/s
  • Automotive - Body
    • Body Controller
    • Gateway
    • Seat Module
    • Door Module
    • Lighting Control Module
    • Column Module
    • HVAC - central module
    • HVAC - Cluster
    • Trailer
  • Automotive - Safety & Chassis
    • Seat Belt Pretensioner
    • Electric Parking Brake
    • TPMS central module
  • Automotive - Powertrain
    • Fuel Pump
    • Water Pump
    • Glow Plug
    • Engine Management (Low End)

Part Number
VDD Output

Wake-up Input/LIN Master Termination



MCZ33903CP5EK 5.0V 0 3 Wake-up No Yes Yes
MCZ33903CS5EK 3.3V 1 2 Wake-up + 1 LIN
or 3 Wake-up + no LIN
No Yes Yes
MCZ33903CD5EK 5.0V 2 1 Wake-up + 2 LIN
or 2 Wake-Up + 1 LIN
or 3 Wake-up + no LIN
No Yes Yes

KIT33903BD5EVBE MC33903 Evaluation board allows the user to implement the
functionality of the MCZ33903D3 System Basic Chip (SBC)
MC33903 Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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