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APEX ® Series Wire Connectors

Delphi APEX ® Series Wire Connectors

High performance in harsh environments

Delphi high performance APEX® Series Wire Connectors are ideal for a harsh environment, including vibration, temperature extremes, and moisture. APEX is ideal for challenging automotive applications and other harsh environments such as construction and agriculture, due to the robust design and reliability.

Designed for outstanding performance, the Delphi Apex Series Wire Connectors feature a 2-piece "box and spring" female terminal with high normal force to ensure durability during vibration. Moisture and chemical resistance is achieved through a grommet sealed construction and automotive chemical-resistant resins. Extreme temperatures are tolerated through stress-relaxation resistant terminal alloys, precious metal plating options, and glass filled resins. Delphi's APEX housings are shipped pre-assembled and can endure rough handling via the protected latch and ring seal, and the scoop-proof housing designs.

APEX® Series Wire Connectors are especially well-suite for the rigorous demands of the automotive market, especially the engine and under-hood areas:

  • High temperature
  • Vibration
  • Moisture
  • Robust Design
  • Reliable long life
APEX ® 2.8 - up to 40 Amps

The original Delphi APEX, a 2.8mm terminal system capable of 5.0mm pitch, high normal force. Targeted for high current automotive applications up to 40A.

Delphi APEX 2.8 Connectors

APEX 2.8 Features & Benefits

  • The most ruggedized sealed connector family withstanding severe environmental conditions
  • Housings suitable for wires from 0.35 mm 2 (22AWG) up to 4mm 2 (10AWG) and carrying up to 40 A at 23ºC
  • Mid-size housings (6.4 mm rows)
  • High sealing performance ensured by a rear mat-seal and a protected front interfacial seal
  • Easy and quick connection system
  • 100% safe connection system with integrated Connector Position Assurance (CPA) system
  • User friendly with integrated secondary lock device allowing for detection of unseated terminal

APEX 2.8 Terminals

  • 2.8mm box & blade system
  • High normal force for exceptional vibration performance
  • No polarization
  • Signal & mid-power circuits - up to 40A

APEX 2.8 Connectors
  • Sealed: 12 - 20 wire gauge
  • Unsealed: 10 - 22 wire gauge
  • Fully assembled, robust designs
  • Bosch interface 2 & 3 ways
  • Lighting connectors in development

Design Objectives

Delphi's APEX series was designed to address the following issues for the wiring design engineer:
  • Highly reliable - warranty reduction
  • Flexible for power and signal applications
  • Standardized terminal (sealed or unsealed)
  • Robust design
  • Easy to service in the field
  • Easy to assemble

What is APEX?

APEX is Delphi's brand name for a terminal design philosophy offering reliability, compactness, and high value.

  • Two-piece female terminal construction
    • High conductivity copper alloy for the box
    • High strength alloy for the leaf spring
  • Pre-loaded leaf spring for insertion force reduction
  • High normal force contact for vibration and high current rating
  • Fixed floor contact for exceptional vibration stability
  • Clean body design for robustness during handling
  • Housings are offered in a variety of designs:
    • Plastic locking fingers with TPA terminal backup
    • Fully assembled with pre-staged TPA
    • Multiple key codes and colors
    • CPAs offered as options

APEX Excels!
  • Vibration performance - APEX 2-piece "box and spring" female terminal with high normal force
  • Moisture and chemical resistance - grommet seal construction and automotive chemical resistant resins
  • Temperature tolerance - stress-relaxation resistant terminal allows precious metal plating options, glass filled resins
  • Rough handling - protected latch and ring seal, scoop proof housing designs
  • Ease of assembly and use - housings ship pre-assembled
  • Flexibility and options- 4 keycodes and colors, CPA and clipslot mounting options
APEX ® 150 - up to 20 Amps

Delphi's APEX 1.5mm terminal system compatible to OEM cavity specification, general duty, sealed, 3.5mm pitch, up to 20A.

Delphi APEX 150 Connectors

APEX 150 Features & Benefits

  • Wire to wire configurations: 10, 14, and 16 ways
  • USCAR footprint compliant
  • Hybrid configurations available with 2.8mm terminals
  • Shorting bar configurations available
  • Optional pre-assembled CPA available
  • Additional configurations are planned

APEX 150 Terminals

  • 1.5mm box & blade system - cavity compatible with Molex, Yazaki
  • Up to 16 circuits without need for mate-assist
  • Polarized
  • Signal & mid-power circuits - up to 20A

APEX 150 Connectors
  • Popular USCAR 1.5mm Sealed Interface for wire-to-wire applications
  • Hybrid configurations (including APEX 2.8 terminals for higher power circuits)
  • ErgoMate mate assist system
  • Availability:
    • 10, 14, 16-way - Now
    • 24-way ErgoMate - Now
    • Others - designed

10 ways - 1.5mm
14 ways - 10x1.5 + 4x2.8 mm
16 ways - 1.5mm

Sealing Protection
IP 68
Temperature Range
-40ºC to +125ºC
Terminal Insertion Force
< 30 N
Connector Mating Force
> 75 N
Female Housing
Male Housing

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